The Adventures of Olympic Mascoteers

The Adventures of Olympic Mascoteers” is a collaborative project which we coordinated with Valentyna Gatalska and Nesli Özcan. The students of the 1st Primary School of Pyrgos collaborated with the students of the Kyiv Gymnasium Troyeschyna in Kiev, Ukraine, and their peers from the Ahmet Mete Işıkara İlkokulu in Akdeniz, Turkey and, with the pedagogical integration of ICT, they participated, designed and reflected on a variety of enriching learning activities.


The project focuses on the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit, and the healthy and balanced way of life. Students from Greece, Ukraine and Turkey participated in collaborative national and transnational activities in order to learn more about the Olympic Games in the Ancient and Modern times, about national and international Olympic Athletes, and about the fundamental Olympic Values. They constructed knowledge developing an intercultural dialogue, created mascots embodying the sports spirit and identifying core skills, made presentations, wrote haiku poems, made handicraft and participated in the Olympic Orizuru Peace Action.

Peace is beautiful
Sharing, loving, helping, and
Thinking of others

Nektaria, 6th grade student

Peace seems like freedom
You can do it
With love, respect and hugs

Maria, 6th grade student



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