1st Experimental Primary SChool of Pyrgos , School of Excellence 2021/2022

certificate1Global distinction for the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, as it was selected as a School of Excellence award by the Cartoon Network Climate Champions and the Climate Action Project, https://www.climate-action.info/ among 250 schools worldwide.

The award was presented during the live web event (https://youtu.be/h1LpoW5_5Vg ) organized on Thursday November 4th in the wider context of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow entitled “Day Climate Action Day, which this year was attended by 250,000 people worldwide and among the guests were Prince William, the head of the Environmental Program from the UN, the international environmental organization WWF, NASA, etc., climate scientists and activists.

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos actively participated in the online initiative, as the 5th Grade student, Aggeliki Paraskevopoulou, addressed a question to the United Nations Representatives (with a video recorded message) about the appropriate way of human contribution to the regeneration of the burnt forests.

“Hello, My name is Angeliki and I am a 5th grade student at the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, near Ancient Olympia in Greece.
Last year a lot of fires burnt a lot of forests in Greece.
In your opinion what is better?
Should we do reforestations or should we let nature grow these forests again?”

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos has been participating in the action since 2017 which started and has carried out environmental actions and programs in collaboration with other schools nationwide and audience. level, with eTwinning projects such as Gaia’s Buddies, Let’s Go Eco, Food for All and Forests Friends, and at the global level of projects such as Climate Action Project, Goals Project, No More Plastic. We thank the newspaper Proini and the journalist Mr. Panagiotis Foteinopoulos for the article he wrote about theprize of our school https://proini.news/pagkosmia-prasini-diakrisi-gia-to-1o-peiramatiko-dimotiko-scholeio-pyrgou/?fbclid=IwAR3PkvCDW8q-J1P0hzKyhq1YOoTM7YnNv85ZAhA0Dj-mKC3YrdrZF0_Feac

Huge thanks to the educational website Alfavita for highlighting our action https://www.alfavita.gr/ekpaideysi/362542_draseis-gia-klima-pagkosmia-diakrisi-gia-8-ellinika-sholeia?fbclid=IwAR1npFjibVj6gwkKZfATjfAuad8L1QAa36p5F6-DPIbghCLEg5W3oGIJO50

Heartfelt congratulations to our dear student, Angeliki Paraskevopoulou! May she always be healthy, creative and happy!

Κατηγορίες: Χωρίς κατηγορία. Προσθήκη στους σελιδοδείκτες.

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