Teacher Tech Summit Masterclass

T4 is a global organisation committed to providing engaging tools, initiatives, and events for teachers to improve education https://t4.education/ .

We can share our innovative use of educational technology over on the new Flipgrid, Teacher Tech Summit Masterclass Playlist:   Teacher Tech Summit page

Masterclass Playlist https://flipgrid.com/teachertechsummit21

Submit your video in English
2. You must be a teacher
3. Include your name, school, country & chosen theme (listed below) in your recording
4. Your video must be no more than 3 minutes
5. Include the theme in your title
6. Add a link eg use your Twitter or Facebook profile so other teachers can connect with you
7. Use your headshot as your Flipgrid selfie
8. Your Masterclass Pitch must focus on 1 of the following themes:
– How to design the learning experience for online environments
– Creating community in online classrooms
– How to create good digital content
– How to assess learning in online environments
– Ensuring equity and inclusion in online learning
Remember this is not about giving a lecture or speech, we want you to show your peers how you do something. Be practical. Show and tell! ????

11:59 pm GMT 28th February – the Grid will close automatically

Winners will be announced after the deadline in March


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