Learning event 2017: Learning in a Museum

177  teachers took part in the L.E. Learning in a museum which took place from the 1st till the 13th March 2017 and which was organized by Daniela Bunea.

The focus of the learning event was to explore the educational value and potential of museums nowadays, and several strategies about how to transform the young visitors’ enthusiasm into connected, engaging, integrated activities that lead to growth.

During the learning event we interacted wit the teachers, exchanged our opinions and collaborated to do certain tasks.

We did a variety of great activities!

We explored museums as agents of social change. We made Smore flyers to set the stage. Visiting a museum can be both educational and fun as long as we make sure that we encourage our pupils to enjoy this learning experience! This is my flyer:  https://www.smore.com/efy0g

We used Coggle, which is a collaborative mind-mapping tool to show how we can make the most of the interactive museums, https://coggle.it/diagram/WMKpkFq4AgAB1fdX/c825385e502c7ff65b0bde0a2853c423b4b89387c169814848d1b2f5fd222e3b


Using traditional exhibits of museums , we explored ways to engage students’ interest.






On linoit we expressed our experience in taking part in a museum takeover day! Talking about field trips to museums we used easypolls to vote for the Top 10 reasons to take a field trip to a museum. We created a virtual gallery in Artsteps.

We did a lot of other exciting activities too, yet the final activity was truly amazing! We worked in pairs or groups to do it.

I cooperated with Emilia Alexe, an amazing eTwinner! We devised a museum-based transnational collaborative learning activity to be done connected to a museum and designed a website for it. We named it The Childhood Museum Explorers. You can see it at: https://spark.adobe.com/#design/page/2f756467-f842-4c6c-adb8-2e200aeb937b

It was both fun and educational!Learning in a museum was a highly engaging Learning Event!

Special thanks to Daniela for designing these interactive learning activities and all the colleagues for their enthusiasm and cooperation.



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