WorldEduWeek celebration

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos has been chosen as one of 100 schools across the globe to participate in World Education Week. This is a celebration of the work done by schools and education systems in the face of challenges in providing teaching and learning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools selected to participate will share their experiences and expertise gained over this period so that teachers, schools and education systems around the world can emulate these.

The theme of World Education Week 2021, which takes place online from Sunday 3rd October to Friday 8th October, will be ‘School Celebration’. It will comprise 100 events, each aligned to one of ten sub-themes. These are: community partnership and collaboration; innovation; overcoming adversity and building resilience; supporting healthy lives; environmental sustainability; creative approaches to problem-solving; global citizenship; developing others; inclusion; and student leadership.

Join us, 100 schools & 20 impact organisations for a World Edu Week celebration on Tuesday 5 Oct. 09:00 GMT- 10 GMT at the presentation “United we can! Enabling all children to achieve their full potential” In case you want to attend any of the events schools from around the world organise, you can register at

It is free. All the events will be uploaded at

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