1st eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage

Our eTwinning project, Monumental Europe, https://twinspace.etwinning.net/44435/home    is  the winner in the eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage, sponsored by the European Commission!!!

As announced on the eTwinning portal, the European Commission will invite you to the final conference on the European Year of Cultural Heritage, taking place during the Austrian EU Presidency, on 6 and 7 December 2018 in Vienna for the award ceremony.  https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/highlights/etwinning-award-for-cultural-h.htm


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ICT integration in Schools

Activities of our eTwinning project Monumental Europe and Food 4 all are included in the on paper and digital publication of scenarios and activities designed by Greek teachers with integrated use of technology for Primary and Secondary Education.

Huge thanks to George Asimakopoulos and all the colleagues who contributed to it.

Special huge thanks to my beloved colleague and friend, Aikaterini Andreou, for the inspirational cover she designed for our collaborative work.



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European eTwinning conference in Warsaw

eTconf18 rocks!  So many great people at the 14th European eTwinning conference  in Warsaw, Poland, 24-27 October 2018.

I was very happy to present the eTwinning project Monumental Europe at the TeachMeet 2, Session II, age category 4-11, in the eTwinning European Conference.


You can read more about the conference at https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/highlights/etwinning-annual-conference-18.htm. So many great ideas and innovative approaches to pedagogy! Love the opportunities eTwinning offers!

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European Quality Labels for our eTwinning Projects!

So happy for being part of the Most Exciting Learning Community, eTwinning!

Million thanks to all the amazing colleagues in Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland and France, our students and their supportive parents for sharing with us these unforgettable learning experiences☀️
#MonumentalEurope, #food4all, ##etwftstory #HappyGapatSchool

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Project-Based Learning: The creative pedagogy of eTwinning projects

My paper  «Project-Based Learning: The creative pedagogy of eTwinning projects» is included in the 8th newsletter of the eTwinning Visibility Group ISSN 2247-6881 – ISSN L 2247-6881, which was published on August 3rd, 2018.


The newsletter promotes the objectives and activities of eTwinning, provides a platform for writers in the eTwinning community and beyond, offers an open forum for eTwinning teachers to share their practices, encourages professional development, helps build feelings of collegiality and sustains professional motivation.

Daniela Bunea, thank you for this valuable collection of articles about about the core values of eTwinning with a plentiful of resources!

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Happy GaP at School

Happy GaP at School at https://twinspace.etwinning.net/45896 is an eTwinning project that focussed on games pupils from different countries can play or even create. Creative and original activities helped the participants not only to become aware of the of the way pupils can connect and interact. of the various cultural similarities and of the empowering qualities of ICT.




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Feel the Story

Feel the Story is a collaborative project carried out by five elementary schools in Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Italy and Poland. It took place during the school year 2017-2018. Digital Storytelling, Project Based Learning and CLIL are the principal pedagogical approaches applied in the project in order to help learners  develop their productive and collaborative skills.


Through the pedagogical use of stories and fairy tales, combined with the pedagogical integration of ICT, in an interactive environment, the participation of students in the implementation of the program has strengthened their creativity, improved their cognitive, communicative and social skills and familiarized them with a multitude of applications and online tools.

Online quizzes and games, pictures and cards as well as dramatization are some of the products of the pupils’ work. They even created their own story in the end. A kit of activities is the creative product of the collaboration of the students.

Let’s hope it can inspire other students too!



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Food 4 all, Zero Hunger, eTwinning project

Carefully structured learning outcomes, clear and specific expectations from the students, challenging yet manageable tasks and collaborative activities contributed to the creation of various, multimedia and interactive products in our project, Food 4 All, https://twinspace.etwinning.net/48612

The questionnaire in the beginning of the project, the tale of bread ebook, the video presentations of the recipes, the information about healthy diet, the plate pledge, the mock United Nations Conference on Malnutrition, the hunger trees as well as the final evaluation boosted the students’ self-confidence and willingness to take initiatives.

The project has been presented during the school year in various educational events:

  • The presentation of school projects 2017-2018 organized by the Department of Primary Education in the prefecture of Ileia, Greece

Ss’ reflections show that they developed their cognitive as well as communicative, collaborative and social skills.

Parents’ highly positive feedback proves the success of the project which has offered learners an unforgettable learning experience. This picture demonstrates the significant impact of the project not only on the learners, the immediate participants of the projects, but also on their parents who learned about all our work and the implications of the issue we explored through their children.

Teachers managed to raise ss’ awareness on global issues, become familiar with ICT tools and get inspired to take action. Our collaboration was highly creative, focused and effective. We learned from each other, shared practices, ideas and goals.

Let’s hope that through our project we are driving change!

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eTwinning workshops in June


The fifth eTwinning workshop for this school year took place in the Department of Management, Economics, Communication of Cultural and Hospitality Units of the Western Greece University of Applied Sciences, TEI of Western Greece,  in Pyrgos, on Saturday 1oth June 2018. egkiklios

Special thanks to the president of the TEI,  Mrs Anastasia Zafeiropoulou-Makrigeni, and to Mr Panagiotis Zafeirakis.

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Monumental Europe

«Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation». Nelson Mandela’s words have been our inspiration and motto in the implementation of our project, Monumental Europe, during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. With close cooperation and coordination, the five partner countries have achieved our goals and strengthened our sense of European identity.


Collaborative activities have allowed us to deepen into each partner’s cultural heritage and to be sensitized about the value of our monuments, traditions, languages ​​and cultural diversity. The project helped our students become more autonomous, creative, social, communicative and extrovert. They also significantly improved the level of English, as this was the language of communication. Since the beginning of the action, students have had a new challenge: to discover countries, monuments and cultures from Europe and to spread their new knowledge beyond their classroom, school and their cities.

According to their views, they now feel more European. The project plan was fully completed as the participants collaboratively created original material on specific themes.

The synopsis of this multidimentional creative collaboration is a video titled «Monumental Europe in Three Minutes» showing the most important points of the project.

It is important to add that our project has been presented during the school year in several official educational events such as:

  • Two eTwinning workshops for teachers in Pyrgos, Greece
  • The presentation of school projects in the prefecture of Ileia, Greece
  • The presentation of european projects in Patras, Greece, https://www.teachers4europe.gr/repository/node/137 
  • eTwinning teacher training session in Manresa, Barcelona, Catalonia
  • President Mattarella, Sardinia, Italy
  • USR Sardegna  Progetto Erasmus+ “Cosmopolitismo Digitale  Italy
  • Project Presentation in The Town Hall and in the Gramsci Museum Ghilarza Italy
  • School Gala in Poland
  • School show in France
  • International Projects Presentation in Navàs, Catalonia
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