Students should be able to co-design their own learning????, and

should feel empowered and engaged with what is going on in the classroom! ????

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eTwinning ambassadors


I am so happy to have been selected as an eTwinning ambassador in Ileia!
eTwinning adds a valuable dimension in our teaching practices, broadens our students’ horizons and immensely transforms everyday school life!

This is the List of Volunteer eTwinning Ambassadors for  school years 2017-2019

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World Teachers’ Day

5 October is rldTeachersDay!

Empowering teachers is empowering education!

This year, World Teachers’ Day commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1997 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel. Teaching personnel at institutions of higher education are often overlooked in discussions concerning the status of teachers. Like teachers at pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels, teaching in higher education is a profession requiring expert knowledge, specialized skills, and pedagogical competence.

World Teachers’ Day 2017 will be celebrated under the theme “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers”, echoing the 2015 theme that followed the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) in September 2015, when teacher empowerment was reaffirmed as a top priority in all education and development strategies.


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Sustainable Development Goals

No matter which teaching/learning method you are a fan of, make sure, what you teach is purposeful #TeachSDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

These 17 Goals build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, while including new areas such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other priorities. The goals are interconnected – often the key to success on one will involve tackling issues more commonly associated with another.


to read more about it!

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eTwinning: connecting classrooms

My paper  « eTwinning: connecting classrooms and fostering creativity.» is included in the 7th newsletter of the eTwinning Visibility Group ISSN 2247-6881 – ISSN L 2247-6881, which was published on August 2nd, 2017.

The newsletter promotes the objectives and activities of eTwinning, provides a platform for writers in the eTwinning community and beyond, offers an open forum for eTwinning teachers to share their opinions, encourages professional development, keep them up-to-date, helps build feelings of collegiality and sustains professional motivation.

Daniela Bunea, thank you for connecting teachers and helping us share teaching practices!!

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“Story Feast” fostering creativity

“Story Feast”, the 5th graders of 1st Primary School of Pyrgos in collaboration with the students of a Czech and a Polish school did this project from Dec to June 2017.

Solving Riddles

Students of all schools, in pairs or in groups of three, decided on the book or film whose plot they would like to use for their riddles. They wrote a very short summary without revealing the name of the story but using keywords to help their partners from the other schools find the answer. They used voki to make their riddles. They selected an avatar, customized it, wrote their summary, added a background, published it and then shared their story. Their peers watched the presentations, listened to the avatar and then wrote their answers on twinspace. Students were so attracted to it that they even made their own Vokis at home!


Playing Online Games

Students of the partner schools made their own online games to play with their peers. The focus of the games was to help them practice vocabulary and grammar while cooperating and having fun. They solved a crossword and played hangman, who wants to be a millionaire and a matching game, all of which were created with Students also played two Kahoot games, on vocabulary and the use of present simple and present continuous.

Copy of Family Rules Collage Template-1

Reflecting and evaluating

Students reflected on their work and answered a questionnaire which was created with the online application EasyPolls at In this way both teachers and students became more aware of the collaborative process of the project, the products and their preferences.

kot eval

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Vitamin Magic

Vitamin M

Vitamin M(agic)”,, was carried out by the 4th graders, D1 and D2 class,  in collaboration with students from Portugal, Turkey, Romania, France, Lithuania and Iceland.



Have students found the potion for Vitamin Magic, the vitamin of creativity?



Have a look at our project to find out!

Vitamin Magic



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re:connecting EUROPE

re:connecting EUROPE Space at this years’ re:publica in Berlin, from 8 to 10 May 2017 was an extraordinary experience.

re:publica is one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world. Since its foundation in 2007, it has grown from a cozy blogger meeting into a wide-ranging “society conference”.

Representatives of digital culture share their knowledge and decision-making tools, and discuss the future of the information society. Here they can mingle with activists, scientists, hackers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, journalists, social media and marketing experts, and many others. This fosters innovation and creates synergies between net politics, online marketing, network technology, digital society, and (pop) culture.

The 2017 edition in Berlin was far more exciting. More than 9.000 participants, 1030 international speakers from 65 countries who made up the 500 hour-long program. This is the highest number of visitors so far, making 2017 another record-setting year for re:publica. Young and old alike were represented on re:publica‘s 20 stages.

Amazing interactions between wonderfully interesting people, talking about tolerance, diversity, freedom, empathy, education and science in our digital society





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re:publica 17, Visions for #rpEUROPE

So happy to be able to  attend a truly amazing event that will take place next week in Berlin!


I tweeted my vision of a digital Europe using the #rpEUROPE hashtag on April 19th, 2017:

«Digital Europe can help us meet the challenges of life #rpEUROPE«— Sophia (@sophiakouz) and I am one of the two Greek people who won the  #rpEUROPE prize draw and  can participate in this great event thanks to their kind offer to give away tickets, including flight expenses.

I am very enthusiastic  about it and really want to take part in the most inspiring festival in the digital society!

Looking forward to being part of it!

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Learning in a Museum

In the beginning of March  the L.E. Learning in a Museum took place, from the 1st till the 13th March 2017; it was organized by Daniela Bunea.

The focus of the learning event was to explore the educational value and potential of museums nowadays, and several strategies about how to transform the young visitors’ enthusiasm into connected, engaging, integrated activities that lead to growth.

During the learning event we interacted with a great number of teachers, exchanged our opinions and collaborated to do certain tasks.

We did a variety of great activities!

We explored museums as agents of social change. We made Smore flyers to set the stage. Visiting a museum can be both educational and fun as long as we make sure that we encourage our pupils to enjoy this learning experience! This is my flyer:

We used Coggle, which is a collaborative mind-mapping tool to show how we can make the most of the interactive museums,



Using traditional exhibits of museums , we explored ways to engage students’ interest.






On linoit we expressed our experience in taking part in a museum takeover day! Talking about field trips to museums we used easypolls to vote for the Top 10 reasons to take a field trip to a museum. We created a virtual gallery in Artsteps.

We did a lot of other exciting activities too, yet the final activity was truly amazing! We worked in pairs or groups to do it.

I cooperated with Emilia Alexe, an amazing eTwinner! We devised a museum-based transnational collaborative learning activity to be done connected to a museum and designed a website for it. We named it The Childhood Museum Explorers. You can see it at:

It was both fun and educational!Learning in a museum was a highly engaging Learning Event!

Special thanks to Daniela for designing these interactive learning activities and all the colleagues for their enthusiasm and cooperation.



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