Volunteers’ Challenges #SkillsLabs

1vVolunteers’ Challenges #SkillsLabs eTwinning Project, which was conducted at the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, in 2021-22,
was presented in the 8th Panhellenic eTwinning Conference on Saturday  February 18th, 2023.

Huge thanks to the amazing partners, Natalia Tzitzi, Paraskevi Dogia, Victoria Zigrika, Cristina Crau and Stefania Pieri, and participating students for this inspiring collaboration! ❤

4vHuge thanks to all the amazing volunteers for their contribution!????

✅8ο Panhellenic eTwinning Conference

✅18.02.2023 #etwinconfgr
#collaboration #communication #creativity #criticalthinking #STEM #Volunteers #students #teachers #agentsofchange

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My experience with Europeana Education

1europeIn the framework of the 8th Panhellenic eTwinning Conference I had the pleasure to share my experience of Europeana Education, Learning Scenarios and SOIs, MOOC, and Europeana heritage material, in the workshop organized by dear colleague Dora Gk “Digital education and cultural heritage: the case of the Europeana culture portal”, which more than 350 colleagues attended .


✅8th Panhellenic Conference #eTwinning- #Workshop
✅18.02.2023 #etwinconfgr
#TeachingwithEuropeana #LearningScenarios
#SOIs #ImplementationStories #Artfulthinking


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Let’s make the internet a safe place for children

Screenshot 2023 02 07 at 19 37 42 Lets make internet a safe palce for childrenOn Tuesday, 7 February 2023, we celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID).

At the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, we held a discussion and reflected on Internet Safety, using ChatGPT and artificial intelligence AI, with 5th and 6th graders

“Together for a better internet”, today calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially for children and young people.




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eTwinning Group “eTwinning Supports Ukraine”

Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 13 01 46 FacebookThe eTwinning Group “eTwinning Supports Ukraine” moderated by the Hellenic NSO took part in the “Introductory training workshop for teachers who receive Ukrainian refugee students in schools“ in Greece which took place on April 14th, 2023. https://www.facebook.com/sophia.kouzouli/posts/5000408040035766

  • The workshop was organised by the Independent Department for the Coordination and Monitoring of Refugee Education, in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education, and the Institute of Educational Policy, and the support of UNICEF.
  • The Greek Minister of Education, Mrs Kerameos, took part in the workshop.
  • Dr. Michael Paraskevas, the coordinator of the eTwinning action in Greece, presented the initiative of the Central Support Service.Screenshot 2023 02 25 at 13 02 40 Facebook


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1st Experimental Primary SChool of Pyrgos , School of Excellence 2021/2022

certificate1Global distinction for the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, as it was selected as a School of Excellence award by the Cartoon Network Climate Champions and the Climate Action Project, https://www.climate-action.info/ among 250 schools worldwide.

The award was presented during the live web event (https://youtu.be/h1LpoW5_5Vg ) organized on Thursday November 4th in the wider context of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow entitled “Day Climate Action Day, which this year was attended by 250,000 people worldwide and among the guests were Prince William, the head of the Environmental Program from the UN, the international environmental organization WWF, NASA, etc., climate scientists and activists.

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos actively participated in the online initiative, as the 5th Grade student, Aggeliki Paraskevopoulou, addressed a question to the United Nations Representatives (with a video recorded message) about the appropriate way of human contribution to the regeneration of the burnt forests.

“Hello, My name is Angeliki and I am a 5th grade student at the 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos, near Ancient Olympia in Greece.
Last year a lot of fires burnt a lot of forests in Greece.
In your opinion what is better?
Should we do reforestations or should we let nature grow these forests again?”

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos has been participating in the action since 2017 which started and has carried out environmental actions and programs in collaboration with other schools nationwide and audience. level, with eTwinning projects such as Gaia’s Buddies, Let’s Go Eco, Food for All and Forests Friends, and at the global level of projects such as Climate Action Project, Goals Project, No More Plastic. We thank the newspaper Proini and the journalist Mr. Panagiotis Foteinopoulos for the article he wrote about theprize of our school https://proini.news/pagkosmia-prasini-diakrisi-gia-to-1o-peiramatiko-dimotiko-scholeio-pyrgou/?fbclid=IwAR3PkvCDW8q-J1P0hzKyhq1YOoTM7YnNv85ZAhA0Dj-mKC3YrdrZF0_Feac

Huge thanks to the educational website Alfavita for highlighting our action https://www.alfavita.gr/ekpaideysi/362542_draseis-gia-klima-pagkosmia-diakrisi-gia-8-ellinika-sholeia?fbclid=IwAR1npFjibVj6gwkKZfATjfAuad8L1QAa36p5F6-DPIbghCLEg5W3oGIJO50

Heartfelt congratulations to our dear student, Angeliki Paraskevopoulou! May she always be healthy, creative and happy!

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European Language Label for our eTwinning project “Monumental Europe”

eurwpaiko sima glwsswn 1o dimotiko scaledOur eTwinning project Monumental Europe was awarded the European Language Label, a distinction that is awarded to organizations and individuals that achieve to develop tools and implement teaching methods, which can be rendered good practices and be adapted to different language environments from those in which they were developed.

You can see the results at https://www.iky.gr/el/iky-rss/item/3769-drasi-evropaiko-sima-glosson-apotelesmata?fbclid=IwAR3DVc8jq9bJM2BUDaS08icqKSGwShxmhSHUGgyHvVw6UezbNDEMbF9BZ3Q

You can read the announcement on the facebook page of our National State Scholarships Foundation on November 11th, 2021

Heartfelt thanks to Iro Riga for her article on the local newspaper Proini https://proini.news/me-to-evropaiko-sima-glosson-2018-diakrithike-to-1o-dimotiko-scholeio-pyrgou/?fbclid=IwAR2zN1ORt2gHxkvwIL5B02hnx77sp4AnSgJz73JeKU_JaIkK9P5X1AfK_b4

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Travelling the World with Europeana

The Learning Scenario “Travelling the World with Europeana” was developed during the “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices

EN CUR 605

My LS aims to familiarize students with digital cultural heritage, and raise their awareness of the values of cultural diversity. Students will use Europeana resources from the collection of digital media from European museums, galleries, libraries, and archives to create a story.  The integrated material, the web tools, and the designed activities encourage learners to develop their competencies and become more autonomous, creative.

It is a flexibly designed learning scenario that can easily shift between online and in-person teaching, adaptable to the circumstances and learners it will be used for.

It can be accessed here.

Travelling the World with Europeana (EN-CUR-605)

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European Week-Zero Pollution – Climate Action

We completed the European Week for zero pollution with my 4th grade students, in the eTwinning project European Green Week.

We continue to raise the awareness of our students about the health of our planet, in the context of the Climate Action that began with our participation in the Climate Action Project, ClimateActionEdu – Take Action Global ,and the award of our school.

We truly thank Panagiotis P. Foteinopoulos for the excellent presentation of our participation in his article on November 8. Continue in the local newspaper Proini 


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‘Inventions and Discoveries’ Europeana

My Story of Implementation ‘Inventions and Discoveries’ was published on the site of Europeana on October 26th, 2021.

You can access it at http://blogs.eun.org/teachwitheuropeana/stories-of-implementation/soi-topic/soi-steam/implementation-of-inventions-and-discoveries-soi-gr-235/

The learning scenario was implemented by all three classes of the 6th grade Primary School students, aged 11-12, during distance teaching, both synchronously, four 30 minute sessions, and asynchronously, on the digital platforms suggested by the Greek Ministry of Education, webex and e-class respectively.  All learners were familiar with the Europeana platform and its resources, as they had previously worked on it with the “Implementation of ‘In My Shoes’ (SOI-EXT-190) in 2020, while they were in the 5th grade, and the “We Give Peace a Chance” (LS-GR-544) in 2021. The activities designed are cross curricular, allowing learners to develop their skills and expand their knowledge on English, Science, Technology, Geography, History, ICT, Languages and Literacy. The content, resources, materials, and activities suit the current Greek primary education National Curriculum. The students had already finished Unit 4 in their course book, which familiarized them with biographies of inventors, the story of Daedalus and Icarus, the Wright Brothers, Igor Sikorsky and the Montgolfier brothers.

2nd SOI 1536x1152  4τη SOI 1536x1152

3th SOI 1536x1152By the end of the implementation of the learning scenario, the learners were able to understand and identify specific information in authentic informative or descriptive texts, concerning scientific developments and the biographies of important personalities. They were also able to produce short texts, utilizing information from different sources, both visual and textual. They developed their speaking and listening skills, understanding and interacting about biographies and scientific breakthroughs.

Students, additionally, developed their digital competence as they did safe web search, understood and made use of digital resources, used digital collaborative tools, familiarized themselves with the educational value of websites, expressed themselves through the computer environment and created their own digital narrative.

Finally, learners developed their communicative and social competences as they interacted and collaborated. They raised their awareness about gender equality, breaking down prejudices and stereotypes, and familiarized themselves with STEM based professions.

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WorldEduWeek celebration

The 1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos has been chosen as one of 100 schools across the globe to participate in World Education Week. This is a celebration of the work done by schools and education systems in the face of challenges in providing teaching and learning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools selected to participate will share their experiences and expertise gained over this period so that teachers, schools and education systems around the world can emulate these.

The theme of World Education Week 2021, which takes place online from Sunday 3rd October to Friday 8th October, will be ‘School Celebration’. It will comprise 100 events, each aligned to one of ten sub-themes. These are: community partnership and collaboration; innovation; overcoming adversity and building resilience; supporting healthy lives; environmental sustainability; creative approaches to problem-solving; global citizenship; developing others; inclusion; and student leadership.

Join us, 100 schools & 20 impact organisations for a World Edu Week celebration on Tuesday 5 Oct. 09:00 GMT- 10 GMT at the presentation “United we can! Enabling all children to achieve their full potential” In case you want to attend any of the events schools from around the world organise, you can register at http://worldeduweek.org/event/1st-primary-school-of-greece/

It is free. All the events will be uploaded at https://t4.education/events/world-education-week

#WorldEduWeek #T4Education #T4Conf

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