Ιούν 202114

Study how we form the Comparative and Superlative degree of short and long adjectives



Comparative degree of short adjectives

Superlative degree of short adjectives

Now do these exercises to practice using comparatives and superlatives in short and long adjectives

exercise 1 Comparatives

exercise 2 Superlatives



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D’ Class e-Magazine

Ιούν 202113

Η Δ’ τάξη του 3ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου Περαίας δημιούργησε το περιοδικό «The Amazing D Class».

Μπορείτε να το δείτε στο παρακάτω σύνδεσμο:

D’ Class Magazine



Our e-Magazine «Greece»

Ιούν 202111

The 5th grade of the 3rd Primary School of Peraia, created this e-Magazine of cities of Greece. You can read it here: «Greece»

Unit 6 – Talking about Jobs and Careers

Ιούν 202110

Unit 6 Lesson 1 Reading texts about jobs Presentation

Credits: Dora Xanthopoulou


Credits Maria Tsepeli

Worksheet: Fill in the gaps

Credits: Nikoletts Pournara

Credits: Katerina Kaltsa

Credits: Nancy Chrysanthakopoulou

Australian Jobs Video

An Escape Room Unit Revision

Credits: Maria Dagalaki – Saridaki



eTwinning e-Sports Results

Ιούν 20219

Our school did very well in the e-Sports competition! Congratulations to all the students who took part and had a lot of fun doing so! A very big THANK YOU to our school’s P.E. teacher, Mr Gregory Theofanidis, for helping to organize and supervise the whole event checking that all the events were executed properly.

What can animals do?

Ιούν 20217


Modals (can, must, should)

Ιούν 20216

Λήψη αρχείου

Now, practice and check your knowledge with this exercise

Find the animals

Ιούν 20214

Credits to Hara Zisopoulou

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Follow the directions

Μαΐ 202130

Λήψη αρχείου

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Caretta caretta

Μαΐ 202130

How much do you know about the Caretta caretta sea turtle?  Solve the crossword puzzle.

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