move over = change place and stand a bit further to let someone else pass or sit

  • This man needs to get to hospital right away! Move over and let us pass!
  • Move over, I want to sit here, right next to you. 
  • Everyone moved over to let the injured man pass. 
  • I thought there was no seat for me but then everyone moved over one seat and I could sit too. 
  • If you move over a bit we can all sit together.    

call up = phone 

  • He called me up in the middle of the night to say he was sorry.
  • Many people called us up to congratulate us. 
  • Call me up tomorrow if you have any news. 
  • If you ‘re so anxious to find out what happened, just call him up and ask! 
  • I ‘ll call you up tomorrow.
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