>LAY OFF (1)


lay off = relax, have a rest


  • You ‘ve been working too hard lately. You need to lay off for a while.
  • He became ill through overwork and the doctor told him to lay off for a month.
  • I have been going to the gym and working out but some exercises have become too painful for me. Maybe I should lay off for a while.
  • You have been under a lot of stress with the exams and everything. Why don ‘t you go to your grandparents’ house and lay off for a while?
  • Doctors told me to lay off for a couple of weeks for a speedy recovery.
  • After the breakup she went on vacation with her sister. I guess she needed to lay off for a while.
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  1. Elodie Piveteau says:

    >To lay off also means to fire! Or in informal American English, to stop bothering somebody.I must confess I had never used "lay off" that way!Thank you!

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