clutter up (with something) = fill a place with too many things


  • The children have cluttered up their rooms with toys.
  • Don’t clutter up your office with paper.
  • Why is the floor cluttered up with magazines?
  • When Vicky cooks, the kitchen is cluttered up with plates and cups.
  • Your boxes and suitcases are cluttering up the hall and we can’t get to the door.
  • My mind is cluttered up with bad memories.

ask for something = tell someone to give me something

  • He asked for my phone number! Do you think he is going to call me?
  • I asked for a rise but the boss said he will think about it.
  • She asked me for help with her homework.
  • He asked me for money to make a phone call.
  • I went to the Town Hall to ask for information about the town.
  • She asked Santa Claus for a ponny!
  • He is a nice man, hard-working and considerate. You couln’t have asked for a better husband!
  • You ‘re healthy and you have a beautiful family. What more could you ask for in life?
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    1. erkan says:

      >you put many examples.This helps to be understood more clearly. thanks a lot :))

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