take down = remove from a place high


  • She took down the old posters and put up new ones.
  • When the holidays were over, we took down all the Christmas decorations. 
  • I took down all my books from the shelves and let Tommy put his. 
  • We have to take the curtains down one by one and wash them. 
  • We had to take down all our encyclopaedias from the bookcase to help Judy with her school project. 
  • We took down all the pictures from the walls and dusted them. 

 put up = put on the wall or somewhere high

  • He has put up posters on all walls in his bedroom.
  • The teachers have put up a notice about art classes at school.
  • We have put up some nice pictures in the living room.
  • We put up some wonderful Christmas decorations all over the house.
  • They have put up many signs with useful information on the roads.
  • They have put up some important information on the notice board. You should go and check it out.
  • The final scores will be put up on the notice board tomorrow.
  • We put up the school flag.

go through = experience something unpleasant

  • They have both lost their jobs and they are going through a very difficult time.
  • Now that they have lost their child they are going through hell.
  • After the divorce they both went through a difficult phase.
  • You cannot imagine what I went through living with Jimmy as my roommate! He never wanted to do any housework!
  • She went through a lot being married to a man with a drinking problem for so many years.
  • We ‘ve been going through a bad period recently but we are optimistic.

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  1. The Professor says:

    >This is a very interesting and novel way of learning common phrases in English..(someone could do it for other languages too!)The cartoons can be quickly converted to a skit for kinesthetic learners. Keep up the good work.

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