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>ADD UP (2), SET UP (3)

> add up = accumulate, gather little by little and gradually become a lot examples: Mary washes cars, cleans houses, irons people’s clothes for money, babysits. With all these kinds of work money adds up and it is almost a … Continue reading

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> order about = order around = give orders all the time, tell others what to do all the time examples: Stop ordering the children around. They know what to do. The general ordered the soldiers around the first couple … Continue reading

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>LET OFF (1)

> let (somebody) off = let someone go without punishment examples: I ‘ll let you off this time but next time be more careful. We can ‘t just let him off. It ‘s not the first time we ‘ve caught … Continue reading

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> lay down = establish something, say what others must do examples: The new government has laid down new laws. The ministry is going to lay down new rules in the market. The contract lays down the conditions for the … Continue reading

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