look down on (somebody/something) = think that somebody/something is less important than yourself or not good enough for you


  • I know he has made many mistakes in the past but you shouldn ‘t look down on him. He is trying to change.
  • Don ‘t look down on other people. Listen to them. Maybe they are right and you are wrong.
  • Don ‘t look down on him just because he has been to prison in the past. Give him a chance.
  • She looks down on cheap products.
  • Since he became manager he looks down on other employees.
  • You shouldn ‘t look down on poor people. Not everyone has been born in favourable circumstances.
  • Some people look down on my job because it is hard but I like it and it pays the bills.
  • I went to the party with casual clothes and I felt like some people in smart, expensive  clothes were looking down on me.
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