look into = investigate, examine


  • There are suspicions that he killed his friend. The police are looking into the case.
  • The police are not sure whether it was murder or just an accident. They are looking into every possibility. 
  • Three detectives are looking into this matter. We expect to hear from them soon.
  • My lawyers are looking into the case.  
  • -There is something wrong with my computer. I cannot download any file.                              -I will look into it right away.
  • We are looking into the possibility of moving to Sweden.
  • The government is currently looking into the problem and they are expected to take new measures within the next two weeks.
  • There have been many traffic accidents in this area. The traffic police are looking into the situation and are going to take measures. 
  • Many people have complained to the Town Hall about the garbage. The Town Hall is looking into the complaints and is expected to make an announcement soon.
  • The police are looking into the allegations.
  • It is a serious qustion and it should be looked into right away by the authorities.
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