knock back = drink quickly


  • He knocked back five glasses of whisky in ten minutes! You ‘d better drive him home!
  • She poured some vodka into a glass and knocked it back as if it were water.
  • He ‘s been knocking back alcohol for some time now. What is wrong with him?
  • We just knocked back some beers and talked. It was relaxing.
  • You said you would drink at your daughter ‘s wedding, so knock it back! Bottoms up! Empty your glass!
  • Stop knocking back the champagne in front of our guests!
  • I didn ‘t know you drink so much! You can really knock it back, can’t you?
  • He just barged into the bar, knocked back two pints of beer and left.
  • You can ‘t just knock back coffee like this. Take your time when you drink coffee.
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