>KEEP IN (1)


keep in = make someone stay inside (at home, at school, in hospital etc)


  • Mum kept me in yesterday because I hadn ‘t done my homework.
  • The teacher said that if anybody makes too much noise in class, she will keep him in during recess as a punishment.
  • Tommy was kept in after school again.
  • He wasn ‘t feeling very well, so his mother kept him in.
  • The doctors are keeping him in to run more tests.
  • She was feeling alright but the doctors kept her in as a precaution.
  • I kept in during the storm.
  • She kept in during her husband ‘s illness.
  • I kept in for a long time after my mother ‘s death.
  • Don ‘t keep the children in just because it ‘s cold. Just dress them up in thick jackets and scarfs and let them play in the snow.
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