>PUT IN / INTO (1)


put (somebody) in / into (something) = make someone go to a particular institution (eg prison, boarding school, nursing home, hospital etc)

  • He was put in prison for two years for robbing a man.
  • Don ‘t do that. It ‘s illegal. They ‘ll put you in prison.
  • His intelligence was above average and they put him into a special school for very clever children.
  • Handicapped children are not put in special schools. They just need special ramps for their wheel chairs and they can attend regular schools like everyone else.
  • I put my father in a nursing home when he was 92 and I could no longer take care of him like he needed.
  • They put him into boarding school when he was just seven.
  • After that nervous breakdown she was put in a mental institution for a year.
  • The baby was put in hospital for two weeks.
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