go around = visit people or places one by one

  • She went around giving invitations to her wedding to everyone in the room.
  • Of course I ‘m angry at him! He went around spreading bad rumours about me!
  • Don ‘t go round telling people lies!
  • She went round asking if anyone wanted to buy their car.
  • They went around kissing everyone goodbye.
  • I went around the house to see where the cold wind was coming in from.
  • We went round all the shops but nothing fitted her!

put (somebody) up to (something) = encourage someone to do something bad

  • You can’t have done something so stupid all by yourself! Who put you up to it?
  • One of his bad friends must have put him up to it.
  • How could he even think to rob his own father? Someone must have put him up to it!
  • A friend of his put him up to giving his money to a total stranger and now he has lost it.
  • Someone must have put him up to it. Someone put him up to lying to everyone for some reason. You know John, he would never have done such a thing on his own and for no reason.
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