work up = make somebody angry or excited 
get worked up = get angry or excited


  • You ‘re getting all worked up about nothing. We didn’t say we don’t want to help you. You just have to wait until tomorrow.
  • She worked herself up about the wedding. She couldn’t calm down.
  • When the people found out they wouldn’t get paid, they got all worked up and started shouting.
  • She always gets worked up about the way people treat animals and the environment.
  • The children got really worked up about the trip. They are so happy and excited!
  • Stop working yourself up like this. Please, try to relax a bit.
  • When she found out the news, she worked herself up into a rage. She was really furious when I met her.
  • The singer worked the crowd up into a frenzy! People were screaming!

fall through = fail, not happen

  • In the end we did not agree. The deal fell through.
  • All my plans fell through. I ‘m really disappointed.
  • We had an arrangement to sell the house in October but we changed our mind and the arrangement fell through.
  • If this purchase falls through, we ‘ll have to find another buyer soon.
  • They are not going to get married after all. It has fallen through after a big quarrel they had.
  • We are not leaving the country after all. The whole thing has fallen through.
  • The project would cost too much and fell through.
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