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  Based on Unit 1 –Lesson 1 –Our multicultural class, my 6th grade students wrote reports for nine different European countries.(you can find the lesson plan here).

It was no easy task since they had to work in teams, search for information and decide which of the information would impress their classmates.

After they had written their reports they were asked  to prepare a presentation using Google Docs presentations. Our ICT teacher Mrs Agathi Dova helped the students learn how  to use the tool. The students had to choose the right pictures to accompany their reports .They worked at school during  ICT lesson while some of them chose to work at home as well using their own computer.

In the process, I had the chance to monitor their work through my drive and even write notes with suggestions or corrections under their slides.

Finally each group shared their work with the other teams and had the chance to comment and evaluate the work of their classmates in our padlet.Below you can see their report




Eίμαι καθηγήτρια αγγλικών στην Πρωτοβαθμια Εκπαιδευση. Η δουλειά μου και συγκεκριμένα η εφαρμογή καινοτόμων τρόπων διδασκαλίας αποτελεί ενα απο τα κύρια ενδιαφέροντα μου. Μου αρέσει τόσο να διδάσκω όσο και να διδάσκομαι, να βελτιώνομαι και να μοιράζομαι εκπαιδευτικές εμπειρίες και νέες ιδέες.

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