ROMANIA     HATEG      Scoala Gimnaziala ARON DENSUSIANU

Scoala Gimnaziala „Aron Densusianu” is a primary and secondary school in Hateg, a small town ( with 10 000 inhabitants) in a region famous for its touristic attractions (beautiful landscape and a great historical significance). Our town is situated in a legendary region where dwarf dinosaurs used to live millions of years ago. Their extinction gave birth to a range of myths and legends. Moreover, the beauty of the mountains in the National Park Retezat near Hateg represented a source of inspiration for the people who created a variety of legends. What we intend is to rediscover some of these legends and to make them familiar to our project partners. Our school, with pupils aged 6-14, welcomes all children regardless of race, religion, sex or social and occupational group. From 504 pupils, we have 9 students with special educational needs, 12 % of the pupils come from poor families and 2 students come from a placement. 51 of our students belong to monoparental families and 47 students have parents who work abroad. One of our students from the 7th form is disabled. The aims of the project are to develop our students’ employment skills, which will be very useful in their future as European citizens, to open our school to the world and thus to improve the students’ general knowledge

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