ITALY   ROME        Istituto Comprensivo A.Leonori

Istituto Comprensivo ” A.Leonori ” is located in the outskirts of ROME, nearby Ostria. It  comprises three sections: a kindergarten one (3-5 ages), a primary school (6-10 ages), a first  grade secondary school (11-13 ages)There are more than 1200 students. The social context is very various. There are pupils with a good standard of living, but also pupils with learning and behavioral problems.

There are foreign children, mostly from Eastern European Countries and from Asia. We are especially involved in a program for disabled children and disadvantaged pupils in danger of social exclusion with the Municipality of Rome. We have also a special curriculum for music: piano, flute, violin and guitar. There is an orchestra and a choir and most classes have interactive boards. There are computer labs, a pottery lab and a science lab. The students learn English, French or Spanish.

We have already experienced in Comenius Multilateral with mobilities of students and teachers that gave us the chance to develop many teaching and learning approaches, to make new European friends, to share the joy of being in a host family, to make cultural exchanges.

So we think that this project about ” Geomythology” will make our school known in other European countries and the partnership with the other schools will be a fruitful one. The teachers and the pupils of our school are ready to implement this interesting project, being a great challenge for them. In the project we (can) want to integrate language and landscape, art and culture. In this respect, the project is an exploration and celebration of oral and written language of science, art, performance and the human imagination. It can be done with people of all ages and abilities, in any landscape, with any language. The teachers involved in the project will be: History, Italian, English, Geography, Art, Music, IT studies, Physical Education.Our school I.C. A.Leonori works on a National project called “Coloriamo il nostro futuro” that involves more than 30 schools from all over Italy. It is about Citizenship (with the election of ” minimayor” among the pupils) and Environment (around the Italian parks and Natural Reserves). We have other projects connected to Europe (eTwinning) or connected to:

-Integration and disadvantage

-Territorial Center of disability support – CTS

-Specific Learning Disorders

-Special Educational Needs


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