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Our school Spoleczne Gimnazjum Jezykowe was founded in 1999. It is a secondary non – public school with grades 7 to 9. There are about 150 students in the school aged 13 to 16. Each group consists of 16 to 18 students. There are 21 teachers for full time. The school is a paid school, governed by a local society, the Educational Society of Lębork. Our school is located in Lębork which is a town of about 36000 inhabitants. Lębork is situated in a picturesque area near the coast of the Baltic Sea in Pomorskie District. The town is located 30 km from the coast of the Baltic Sea and 80 km from Gdańsk (where is international airport ).

The main aim of the teaching process is to develop our students’ personality, skills and new abilities. Students are encouraged to build their creativity and independence. It is very important for us to introduce our students to social work. For the last few years we have been supporting a school in Cameroon which is run by nuns.

Our school offers the students 7 English lessons a week. Our students have a wide variety of clubs of interests to choose from such as: Language Clubs (English, German, Spanish, Italian), Physics Club, Biology Club, IT Club, Maths Club, Chemistry Club, Geography Club and History Club. They can also develop their skills in photography, dance, sailing, chess or playing guitar. Students can also join a Cyclists’ Club or a Shooting Club. As for their P.E. classes they can choose from a wide range of disciplines such as swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, ballroom dancing, aerobics, table tennis, sailing or shooting.


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