HUNGARY     Jaszbereny          Jászsági Apponyi Albert Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Müvészeti Iskola

Our school called JÁI Bercsényi Miklós Primary School is situated in Central Hungary in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county with more than 420 (7-14 year old) children. Our town lies 75 kilometers east of Budapest and 40 kilometers south of the Matra mountains on the banks of the River Zagyva. Jászberény has about 30,000 inhabitants.

The school has got specialization in Science, Mathematics and Physical Education, morevover, it also serves as a base for Hungarian Red Cross and our special trainers provide first-aid courses, thus, everything is integrated into the curriculum.

Many students have to cope with learning and behavioral disorders and there are many underprivileged students as well, who live in very bad financial and physical circumstances. These children have to face with social problems e.g. poor conditions of families and monotonous home environment. We would like to help our learners’ and their families’ development and we also plan to share ideas, make them discover more norms, traditions of other countries in our European community, too. The children must find their adequate place in our society.

We would like to take part in this international cooperation as an useful member of that society which educates creative, real European open-minded students despite of all the difficulties. Our school is experienced in European projects. Cooperates with the TRIO tv, Trio radio, local and national newspapers, the local football club,  Lehel Filmszínház, Tehetség SE,Dance Fitness etc.  Organizes a lot of indoor and outdoor activities (especially sports events).The Erasmus team will be multidisciplinary with 5 teachers of different subjects.


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