ATO Primary School is a loving, sharing and success oriented school which has got 600 students (at the age of 7-11) and 55 teachers.

We think‘Geomythology’ Project has got a rich content in many ways, beside easy to sustain and disseminate. The gist of the Project made us as a partner institution feel excited and motivated. That’s why we are willing to take part and  do our best to contribute.

We aim to help the participants gains kills of new teaching methods and technics while exploring intercultural communication and harmony. At the end of the training process a certificate of attendance will be given to each of the participant in collaboration with two International Universities in the region.

In  order to extend the Project through the institution we prefer to take from   different subjects and profiles of teachers as many as possible. We plan to make use of diversified teachers as many as possible.

Our institution is a public primary school which specifically aims to give good education to the students who are not able to make use of any high standard of private facilities and seldom have opportunity to go abroad somehow. That’s why we think it is primarily important for us to join the Erasmus+ partnerships and make our pupils have a multicultural corporation. In 2016/2017 our school is planned to be taken part in National Education Ministry’s smart classrooms project. Therefore all the staff are very excited and willing about the high technology we will use in the classrooms. From this point of view we believe that Erasmus + experience will enrich our competence and motivation.

Furthermore, all the participants who are involved to the project gain a good sense of humanity and acquire tolerance to the cultural diversities.

Our pupils are surely to be put in the center of the project and eventually the most expected ones to gain self confidence, tolerance, humanity and international experience.


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