Our school is located in the center of the town of Lamia . It was established in 1940. At the beginning it was an orphanage and school for the orphans of the 2nd World War. The building is old and without many  facilities. It is a small school with 120 students and 15 teachers. We share the same building with another primary school and a kinder garden.

There are 7 students with some difficulties in the learning process and they are taught by a teacher specialized in this kind of teaching. The students are taught two foreign languages (English and French). All classrooms have internet connection and two of them have interactive boards.

Between our pupils are  immigrants from Albania. For the emigrants and other sensitive groups during last school year, our school cooperated with the Aristotles University of Thessaloniki to a project Called ‘DIADRASIS’. The purpose of this project was to reduce early school leaving of these groups of students. It was held with teleconferences during weekends so the parents were also involved. Furthermore in our municipality there are over 500 refugees from Syria  (hosting in the HOT SPOT of Thermopylae) and 500 more are expected in April.

Students and teachers are eager and hardworking and actively involved in several cultural and environmental activities. The school since 2006, is connected to the National Networks “Geoenviromental -Geomythologocal paths”, “Mediterranean S.O.S” and “People with special needs and Environmental Education”. It is also connected to the international organization ENO  and to the GREENPEACE.

Most of the parents are high educated.  Parents Association has an active role providing courses, seminars, workshops, creating educational and informative material and consultancy by specialists.

The cooperation with the Municipality of Lamia, is constant and successful during several activities. Also EURODIRECT supports our school by being our sponsor and partner for the last 5 years. We organize outdoor and indoor activities with the local community, enterprises and other organizations such as organization of disabled and paraplegic and the school for children with special needs.

Both students and teachers help as volunteers in their free time cleaning the parks, the sports courts, planting trees, recycling, giving information about the pollution to the other citizens and encouraging environmental responsibility.

Children have never participated in European lifelong learning program.  The intention of our school is to give our students the opportunity to participate in the project by helping them to realize the country’s cultural wealth. Additionally, they will be given the chance to exchange their experiences and the conclusions drawn with students of the other participating countries within a pleasant, friendly and creative framework of partnership.


It is the first time that a primary school from our town coordinates an ERASMUS + project, therefore there is a lot of interest and support from the Municipality of Lamia, the local institutes and organizations.

With this project we want to show the importance and the role of   Europe’s GEOMYTHS as a cultural heritage.

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