ideaΠαρακολουθώ το blog του David Sessums. Σε πρόσφατη καταχώρησή του διαβάζω:
But when I begin to survey educators in the K-12 arena, most computer use in the classroom is hardly creative or innovative. In most cases, computer use is not possible in the classroom at all for a variety of reasons. I do not want to throw the blame for this fact at educators? feet alone; there are many reasons why creativity and innovation languish in classrooms, computers or no. Yet, literacy skills and multimodal literacy do not necessarily require a computer. Skills such as play, performance, navigation, resourcefulness, networking, negotiation, synthesis, sampling, collaboration, teamwork, judgment, and discernment can take place without the use of computers.

νεσ πα?
βλέπετε δεν είμαστε μόνοι στην έλλειψη καινοτομικών εφαρμογών…
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