Thanksgiving Day

One of my favourite special days to celebrate ! The reason is simple. It is a great opportunity for us and our students to think about all the things we are blessed with and time to stop complaining about everything and feel grateful.

What if it’s a foreign celebration? It’s a great chance to practise and enrich vocabulary,to teach food words sing and dance! what’s more , since we have borrowed Black Friday,it’s nice to know the origin of certain customs

Here are some ideas for the celebration of Thangsgiving Day.

For 4th graders (and maybe 3rd graders) you can find material in the following interactive book!


For 5th and 6th graders you can view this interactive image made on Thinglink with lots of resources on Thanksgiving !

Each year me and my students create crafts to celebrate the day and think about the blessings of their lives and every reason they are thang for!

Here are some of their creations!





Eίμαι καθηγήτρια αγγλικών στην Πρωτοβαθμια Εκπαιδευση. Η δουλειά μου και συγκεκριμένα η εφαρμογή καινοτόμων τρόπων διδασκαλίας αποτελεί ενα απο τα κύρια ενδιαφέροντα μου. Μου αρέσει τόσο να διδάσκω όσο και να διδάσκομαι, να βελτιώνομαι και να μοιράζομαι εκπαιδευτικές εμπειρίες και νέες ιδέες.

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