The impact of climate change to soil

Climate change has a major impact on soil, and changes in land use and soil can either accelerate or slow down climate change. Without healthier soils, and a sustainable land and soil management, we cannot tackle the climate crisis, produce enough food and adapt to a changing climate.


As you have seen in this video soil is very disappointed as it’s disappearing faster than it is being made and warns people that they can’t survive if don’t conserve it!

Your task for this lesson is to develop a lot of knowledge so as to spread the need for soil conservation


1st STEP: Let’s talk about soil (10’min)

Please click on the link so as to watch a video about soil. Then we will discuss on it.


2nd STEP: Soil and climate change (10′ min)

The increasing human population is placing greater pressure on soil and water resources and threatening our ability to produce sufficient food, feed, and fiber. Let’s join a kahoot interactive presentation:

3rd STEP: Let’s focus to erosion and the need of soil conservation(25′ min)

3a) Please click on the link so as to join a menti presentation and list some natural processes and human activities that contribute to soil erosion.

3b) Please watch the following video.

Then click on the link so as to be leaded to a padlet

There are presented some pictures. Take a look, discuss all together, and describe how you believe that soil is eroded in each case and how this soil could be conserved..

FINAL TASKS: 1) Provide 3 questions with their answers for a cooperative kahoot quiz.

2) Based to all info provided, create a poster or infographic and upload it to the padlet in the page   «Impacts of climate change»….



Besides Kahoot interactive presentation which will provide a report for each student, here is described how your work will be evaluated.












There is one person doing all the work, and the team is NOT working together.

The team is working individually on their own role, and using limited talked with others in a group

Team is working together, but not using the inflammation to connect with one another.

The whole team is working together, helping each other out, and connecting information with one another.

Final project

No final project

Final project is lacking key components.

Final project contains all key components

Final project contains all key components and some extra information so it is complete and more useful to anyone interested in its theme.


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