Healthy Nutrition

twinspace-logoHealthy generations are these who combine healthy eating with a sustainable diet- one that reduces environmental footprint, ensuring adequate resources for future generations, while being adequate in nutrients, safe and economical.  This WebQuest will help you develop the knowledge to make good decisions about food. The goal of this activity is NOT to tell you what to eat or what not to eat. It is to give you as much information about the topic so you can make an educated decision about what you eat and how much you eat.


Dear students, please imagine that you are a dietitian who is invited in a school to help teachers influence students’ healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Your first task is to present them in an innovative way the nutrients.

Please use only scientific based sources.


Students will work on national and international mixed teams as follows:

Step 1 – Introduction

Students and teachers, in national classes, take part in some teaching and learning activities related to the nutrients by using a variety of web2.00 tools. 

Do not forget to add school activities (e.g. lesson plans, photos, material created by your students) that took part in this step to the twinspace.

Step 2 -Search

Students work in national mixed teams. In each team the teachers will support and encourage the students in their team to focus in a nutrient. 

Step 3 – Knowledge gained Evaluation

At the end of this step, all the students will take part in a quizz created by using Learning (It will be a collaborative work by all the teachers. Instruction will be given to the whatsApp team).

Step 4 – Final product

Students work in international teams. At the end all national teams will exchange their info in inernational teams so to write collaboratively an e-magazine by using the following link in order to become chief editors to this e-magazine:

You can use as much pages you want but don’t forget to add in the bottom of the page the title of the e-magazine : «FOOD TECHNOLOGY» as it’s in this page:


This is how your work will be evaluated.












There is one person doing all the work, and the team is NOT working together.

The team is working individually on their own role, and using limited talked with others in a group

Team is working together, but not using the inflammation to connect with one another.

The whole team is working together, helping each other out, and connecting information with one another.

Research / Understanding

Don’t use sources given & information is not factual. Student lacked knowledge

Use sources were given. Students understood information but couldn’t apply it to their projects

Use sources are given, and students understood information but lacked creativity and informational facts

Use sources, get all information asked and goes beyond to get and applied extra information to give to their classmates a better idea on the subject


No creativity to their presentation, such a little information that classmates aren’t able to understand

Students created a presentation with only text and nothing else.

Students were able to create a good presentation.

Great creativity, students are able to understand

Final project


No final project

The final project is lacking key components.

The final project contains all key components

The final project contains all key components and some extra information so it is complete and more useful to anyone interested in its theme.


The web quest is designed to develop critical thinking skills in students who participated to Healthy Generation eTwinning project.

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