Αναρρίχηση τεσσάρων παλαιών κι εξερεύνηση δύο νέων διαδρομών στο ύψωμα Αϊ-Λιας Κοζάνης, πεδίο “Νιάμερος”. Ταυτοχρόνως δίδονται ιστορικά στοιχεία του ειρηθέντος τόπου όπως η εκτέλεση 84 οπλιτών του Ελληνικού Στρατού το καλοκαίρι του 1918 από την φιλελεύθερη κυβέρνηση Βενιζέλου και οι φόνοι 8 Βρετανών κομάντος τον Οκτώβρη του 1944 σε επίθεσή τους εναντίον οχυρωμένων Γερμανών.

Starring: Teo Fasoulas, Than Kallianiotis. Camera Z.K. Director’s Assistant M.M.



On the left is the hospital, in the background the hill of Prophet Elias. We turn west. Here they were executed and buried in 1918 84 Greek soldiers by the democratic government of Eleftherios Venizelos with the category of deserter…

Van Gogh colors. Life goes uphill, more correctly car pulls uphill without flags, only with songs… Mountaineering shelter of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association. At the top of the hill the temple. – Where are you going; Say what? To see this … sign. Here on October 27, 1944 eight British commandos were killed attacking fortified Germans, while ELAS guerrillas watched non-participants from afar… What better way for others to fight for you? Just that!

We leave the top and go to the small church where we will park. Let’s go to the “Nine Days” Kozani field for short climbing. We have a small problem with the sole, but it is a minute detail. The path to the field is downhill, fortunately it has no tolls, not yet… When they put them, we will go elsewhere. In a little while we turn left, “Orofernes’ head” in the background. Eee … camera to me. Here is “Orofernes’ head”, but we will open a little further. Be careful because … Last time I saw a Komodo dragon over here in this path. Little wants attention for anyone who is afraid…

FOUR OPEN ROUTES: 1. Route of the “Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Kozani” goes up 2. Here is the “Nine Days” route, goes up, this dihedron 3. Here is the route of the Rock on the Nine Days, goes right, plate up 4. This route is the head of “Orofernes” as the sign says. It starts here, goes up and then passes the head.

CLIMBING OROFERNES: Teo goes first putting an intermediate plug that was missing. The top rope of the writer is coming, this section is somewhat subterranean.

EXPLORATION OF NEW ROUTES: Here are the new routes, let’s set up a relay. Climb to the top of the rocks, back is Kozani. Rock with holes do not exist, but an almond tree was found, there we will be insured. We put the main strap on the front branch so that the rope with a safety carabiner is high. A second strap in the trunk for sure, they say that the scary’s mother never cried … But this is good to apply only to climbing… And a third strap, probably the second is a little old. Keep your clothes for to have it all … We forgot to take the reverse, it is so necessarily! We will be secured with scissors, the ropes will be twisted, but there is no other solution. For braking we will put a strap, binding it on the foot, a solution of necessity. The gods do not fight with the need either said Simonides, putting the laws of nature before the gods… From here we will come down, the rocks do not look loose, below they are vertical. The view is exquisite.

UPWARD EXPLORATION OF THE FIRST ROUTE: Control by Teo of rock compaction and cleaning of soils and looms. Boxing of the field in the surrounding area.

EXPLORATION DOWN OF THE 2ND ROUTE: With the temporary relay up Teo carefully descends and controls the route. The ropes are sometimes tangled and so he shakes them. Wild vegetation comes also in order. Everywhere eugenics… The small ocular hypoderms leave with the hammer, a kind of cleansing that the rock needs, so that the weather does not divide it in winter. The pounding and the violence have two meanings, one that oppresses and another that liberates, in our case, the one that releases…

LEAVING: Tree release and collection of materials. One last look. The download is always quite demanding, because it lacks due attention. Moments of wildlife enjoyment now, amazing plant designs on the rocks. Descent to the return path that was opened with their own effort and expenses by Konstantinos Bellas and Athanasios Ziagas. Will they also pay tolls when they walk on their paths?

DOWNLOAD FROM PROPHET ELIAS Reflection stop. The flora migrates its children hiding them in human shoes. Who threw the garbage here? That’s why you need a Management Body of Prophet Elias. Money has been collected in the wrong place… Back to the technical culture leaving the natural culture. If the laws of civilization are superior to the laws of Nature, it is everyone’s personal opinion.

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