Final products of project T.A.C.K.E.D.“Traditional Arts and Crafts to Keep away Early Drop-out”

Study of Drop-out

Greece Study by RICHES

Hungary Study by KATA HAMAR

Presentation of Traditional Arts and Crafts

Greece  Presentation by RICHES   Video by RICHES

Hungary Presentation by TURÓCZINÉ VARGA ILDIKO

Italy Presentation by V.E.M.

Guides for schools

Greece (By Directorate of Secondary Education Dodecanese and Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou)

“Rediscovering the Lost Crafts: didactic and inclusive practice to fight school failure, early school leaving and dropping out”

  1. Early Leaving from Education and Training
  2. Educational activities for Traditional Arts and Crafts


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Cultural Itinerary to Reggio Calabria

By VEM srls

TACKED Itinirary Cultural by VEM

Although Calabria is a region overlooking two seas, which belong to a single large sea, the Mediterranean, it is also partly a mountainous land. A particular landscape variety, diversity and multiculturalism: these are the terms to which we must refer when talking about Calabria and the Mediterranean. Because after all, the Mediterranean is the duality of its own name, it finds its most true and intimate elements in plurality. It is characteristic of the entire Mediterranean area to group together, and bring together, in combination and contrast, many aspects of reality.

And this is even more true in a land like Calabria which represents a paradigm or rather a sort of microcosm of the Mediterranean, since it contains in itself a mixture of cultures, traditions and plurality of thoughts, in which it seems difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the individual contributions of the various cultures that belong to it (Greece, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, French, Bourbon kingdom).

HUNGARY Traditional Arts and Crafts in Jászberény



Hungary is a small country in Central Europe. It is located
in the Carpathian Basin with a population of less than 10 million, but another
2,5 million Hungarians reside within the seven countries surrounding its
borders, and another 2 million Hungarians live in other parts of the world.
These people speak Hungarian – known as Magyar.


Comparison of Greek, Italian and Hungarian Secondary education systems

Greek educational system

Secondary education

Secondary education includes two cycles of study:


The first one is compulsory and corresponds to gymnasio (lower secondary


Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou Erasmus video

Erasmus plus 229 projects.

The best moments with old and new Erasmus friends in Future Classroom Lab of Gymnasio Gennadiou Rodou.


How did ‘Matyó'(’Kalocsai’) pattern get on a Formula one suit?

HUNGARY T.A.C.K.E.D. Final product

Early School Leaving

Early school leaving is a complex, dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon, resulting from a combination of personal, social, economic, educational and family-related factors, very often linked to socio-economic disadvantage. It is rarely a sudden decision, and usually the visible result of a long process of underachievement and progressive disengagement from education.


Traditional Greek Pebblestone Mosaic

Artist Stelios Grekos at work. Source Greece High Definition

Pebble mosaic, type of mosaic work that uses natural pebbles arranged to form decorative or pictorial patterns. It was used only for pavements and was the earliest type of mosaic in all areas of the eastern Mediterranean, appearing in Asia Minor in excavated floors from the 8th and 7th centuries bc.


Reggio Calabria – Visits at churches


Reggio Calabria – VET Education Textile labs


Reggio Calabria – VET Education Ceramics Labs


Reggio Calabria – VET labs for woodcarving


Reggio Calabria – VET education Woodcarving

Students working under supervision of their teacher to restore wooden pieces at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Scilla


Reggio Calabria – Aspromonte



Reggio Calabria – Bova


Art or Craft?

Reggio Calabria -Food


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