Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Let’s fly to our Erasmus+ partners’ countries!

As we are members of a great European group we thought that it would be interesting for our students to travel –using their fantasy- to our Erasmus+ partners’ countries. The mother of a pupil, who is an air hostess, organized a simulation of a flight at school! She showed us all the tips of a safe way to travel by plane: using belts, sitting in calmness, having emergency reactions… All the kids were enthusiastic with their air-experience.

Returning to the classroom after our flight we had another surprise: another mother volunteer had prepared for us airplanes made by tissue and she came to our school to show us how to paint them. All the pupils left school having a tiny colorful airplane hung from their fingers… Dear passengers, enjoy your flight!



On Wednesday 23rd of January 2019 30 of our children, their teachers and members of the ERASMUS + project team met with the children of Greece and Estonia and their teachers. For the children of Greece, our students performed with great joy two songs in English, using musical instruments made by them from recyclable materials: „If you are happy” and „One little finger”. The children of Estonia presented us traditional songs and dances, dressed in traditional Estonian costumes. It was a unique, special experience, our children interacted virtually via Skype with the children of Greece and Estonia and enjoyed a lot.

Estonia – Arukula kindergarten Rukkilill – Winter in Estonian kinderkarten!


Estonia is covered with thick snow. Children are very happy and enjoy every minute being outside. They make snowmans, snowhauses, snowballs, carrying ice plates and sledding. Teachers also use our wonderful weather conditions for teaching different subjects. We do maths: comparing and counting through the experiments and experience. Also we investigate ice, snow, water and snowflakes – connectings between different weather conditions. Winter is a great time for outdoor education!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Discovering the beauty of petrified rocks, our geological heritage!

Volcanoes are always a very appealing subject for the kids. That was the reason for us to realize a visit to “Eugenides Foundation” where an exhibition about Petrified Forest, geoparks of Greece and Cyprus with significant geological heritage under the title “Mnimes Gaias” was carried out. We had the opportunity to see and touch many different pieces of volcanic rocks and hear about their story from the guide of the exhibition. Kids liked the issue this much, that we also invited a specialist to our school. Mr. Tzitziras , grandfather of a student, Dr Mechanic Geologist accepted our invitation and brought a decent part of his private collection of  solid rocks to our school team! What a pleasure! Our students were happy to learn more about them and enthusiastic to create their own ones!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti -Project dissemination

On January 17, 2019 at the invitation of the pre-school inspector of the Prahova County Inspectorate we carried out methodical activities of continuous training at the Prahova Teaching Staff House where we promoted our European project “ Learning outside the classroom in the European nature “ through a power point presentation with all outdoor activities as well as their results. It was a great opportunity for us to share with 45 preschool teachers our results and our progress in learning outside the classroom developed by this European project. The teachers were very interested to see outdoor activity with different themes and locations.



Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Handmade indoor flourishing!

Our flourished “vokamvilia” (a typical Greek plant) outside the main entrance of our school inspired us to create another one inside the school! We followed a long procedure working in small groups in order to pass from one step to the other. We began from cutting small colorful paper into pieces, then we spread them in a plastic surface, we put white glue on the top of them and then we waited for our craft to get dried. The day after, our indoor handmade vokamvilia was ready to get rid of the plastic surface and decorate the window above the entrance!


France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry -The calendars from the pre primary school Saint Exupéry in Marly le Roi

30 pupils aged 5 years old have decorated all the pages of the calendars with graphic design. Photographs were taken from different outside places where pupils can learn around Marly le Roi. They also learned how to write « BONNE ANNEE » in the different languages of the partners of the project.
Then we went to the post office to buy stamps for Europe. They were very proud to send the calendars to the « teachers who don’t speak french ! »

Italy-Direzione Didattica 8° Circolo Piacenza – Our green brother tree called Erasmus

The first grade students of Don Minzoni primary school together with the lady representative of Infoambiente the regional institution for the environment, and Mr Maccioppi  the person responsible for the environment from our Municipality took place in an official and beautiful celebration for trees in our schoolyard. We celebrated “Festa degli Alberi” … the Day of Trees on 21rst of November. We planted a tree, that we named Erasmus and we feel as a green brother!

Estonia – Arukula kindergarten Rukkilill – For all project partners Christmas tree calendar 2019 from Estonia

Christmas time is the most important holiday celebrated in Estonia. The guest of honor in Christmas tradition is of course the Christmas tree. Trees were decorated in homes, schools and kindergartens, on public areas, in the parks and gardens.As Christmas tree is the most inspirational object in children drawings, paintings and handicrafts in December, we decided to make a calendar on this particular topic. Aruküla`s biggest and most important Christmas tree is growing behind the board of local municipality. With our students we take walks to the tree to observe it .We also have Christmas tree growing in Aruküla kindergarten. It`s decorated with Christmas lights and woolen elves made by children. Children just love the tree. The most famous Christmas tree in Estonia stands on Town Hall Square in Tallinn, in the middle of the magical Christmas Market. In December 2018 Tallinn was awarded the title of Best Christmas Market in Europe!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti- 2018 leaves, but comes 2019, we caught it in the calendar !

Before the winter vacation children, parents and teachers made a team work for the Outdoor education calendar with the most characteristic outdoor cultural education sites of the county’s cultural heritage. It was a new opportunity for them to be next to us working together and the children were very happy and interested. The students’ parents photographed all the places where we had the outdoor activities and after that some of pictures were chosen for each month of the next year 2019 .The children were excited to decorate each frame with specific elements to every season. After a lot of work and fun we managed to have six calendars for each class of the kindergarten. Furthermore, each group will personalize their calendar according to the outdoor activities they will participate in 2019.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Postcards from Piacenza !!!

5 years old pupils were very happy and proud to discover the postcards received from Piacenza !!

Their teacher translated them and they could admire the different places of the city : churches, statue, squares…

It was very interesting because they started to learn some words in English last year and they can remember it !!!

It will be useful for the next Skype session in January.

The postcards has been read in the classroom then in our Erasmus corner !!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti-Counting down for Santa Claus

On Thursday, December 6th 2018, 30 children from the big group “Piticot” performed a math activity outdoor where they made gatherings and decreases using natural materials like : pine cones, nuts, chestnuts. Their teachers made a numerical scale with the help of children. All the materials used in the mathematical activity turned into Christmas ornaments with which we decorated the pine from the yard of the kindergarten. The children were very happy because Santa Claus can see by far the pine decorated and so he will find our kindergarten easier to bring them gifts.

Italy- Besurica Pre primary school Piacenza – Our project in local newspaper!

After the meeting we had with a local newspaper reporter at our school, an article has been published on ” LIBERTA’ “, our local daily newspaper, to talk about our outdoor activities and our wonderful Erasmus Project ” LEARNING OUTside the classroom IN the EUROPEan nature”.
We have built 4 birdhouses, with recycled material ( plastic bottles…) and natural materials ( leaves, sticks, topsoil…)
Besurica preprimary school also had joined the Project ” ORTO IN CONDOTTA”, in collaboration with SLOW FOOD, International organization that promotes natural food, traditional cooking and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem, participating in a competition organized by this Association. We were very happy to participate!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti- National Day of Romania!

On 1rst of December this year, we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the major political event of 1918: the completion of the Romanian national state, made by the union of the Romanian provinces with Romania. On this occasion, 50 students from our kindergarten, (5-6 years old) had a joint activity with 30 students (7-8 years old) from “Nicolae Balcescu” Secondary School. As part of this activity, the children made the map of the country by collage, decorated popular costumes, and with their songs and dances they expressed the joy of being Romanian.

Estonia- Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill – Aruküla’s woolen Elves

On the 27th of November we visited our woolhouse – cafeteria. It is founded by our local artist Maia Raudkivi who loves specially reusable and natural materials to work with. Main materials are clay, wool and wood. Children made woolen Elfs. Now we know where wool comes from and how it can be red or green. We wraped model to the wool and wash it with soap and warm water. We had to rub the wool very well and gently then it came tight enough. When they got dry we put them noses, mustaches and beards. It was very interesting day in our local woolhouse with the eco artist. Now we have a lot of woolen elves decorating our Christmas tree.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti- The pottery clay workshop visit

On November 23rd 2018, we had a wonderful day. A group of 29 children, 13 parents and 4 teachers went on a very interesting trip organized by our kindergarten, to the pottery school, “Lut Ars” from Piscu, a small village situated at 45 km from our town, Ploiesti.
Our hosts, Virgil Scripcariu sculptor, one of the most promising contemporary Romanian Sculptors, with exhibitions both in the country and abroad such as countrys like Great Britain, Belgium, Israel, Japan, and so on and his wife, Adriana Scripcariu, expert in art history, have prepared a special learning experience.
First of all, they made a brief introduction to pottery history, an ancient Romanian tradition. Second, they explained us how clay pots were made and how were used in Romanian kitchens many times ago. After that all the children each, received a clay pot which they painted using symbols of nature and they also experienced the technique of making clay pots at the potter’s wheel under the guidance of a potter worker.
The parents and the teachers painted alongside the children, and the final products/ results were almost spectacular. Our students were very pleased and proud about their new skills and also about the result of their efforts. All the pots that they painted will be exposed in the kindergarten at the corner dedicated to the National Day of Romania, celebrated on First of December!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Outdoor math lessons

With every chance we prefer to organize outdoor maths lessons in our yard. One day we created a path with a repeating pattern 2 pines 1 signal (pine needle signal that each child created and interpreted differently its own, for example: pine attention in front, attention animal’s nest etc.).
As the motifs strengthen children’s visual memory, we created this particular path to the pine tree of our garden and then we walked it. At the end the students were asked to put it on paper.

Another maths activity connected with our pine tree… we wrote the number 1 using pine needles.

We also organize matching, sorting or pairing activities with coloured paper crafts, or other type of motif with 3 turtle crafts and one plastic bottle cap. Kids really love these math lessons outside the classroom!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Land art : artistical creation with natural elements

On 12th of November, 23 pupils aged 2 ½ and 3 years old went to the park Jean Vitold close to our school. They gathered pine cones, pieces of wood, feathers, moss, leaves, branches… It was the very first time we all went outside therefore many parents came with us to look after children and enjoy the time spend together.
First of all they experienced to look at the park. They looked with frames to isolate few elements such as leaves, moss… they had look with magnifient glasses and mirrors to enlarge their own view.
When they went back to school they organized the natural elements in order to create an artistic personal creation.
Like land art we wanted to have memories of these ephemeral creations so we took photographs in order to organize an exhibition in our kiosque.

Italy- Preprimary school Ottolenghi Piacenza – “RED RIDING HOOD” story

On day we shall tell the “Red Riding Hood” Story at kids of nursery near our school … Here how are getting ready!
Our garden is our set: we are good actors! (photo story)
With the robot: how many steps will the wolf made to eat the Red Riding Hood?
The labyrinth in the wood
We drew the story and we made a plastic
The story’s box: into there are the clothes to disguise

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Christmas crafts made with pine cones

It was a great pleasure for all of us at school to make Christmas decorative crafts inspired by the mother of a student. She proposed the idea to make Christmas ornaments by using pine cones and she has also offered to work with all of our students! She brought all the necessary material and we all enjoyed creating  shiny crafts in our Erasmus+ Corner!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Making paper in the outdoors with a specialist!

Making paper was an awesome experience! All the  students and the teachers had the chance to follow the whole procedure of tranforming used sheets of paper to new ones! The activity was led by the  artist Giannis Papadopoulos -a well known painter and sculptor-  specialising  in making paper and creating art with it. Parents were able to watch our recycled paper drying and  they were enthousiastic with their kids’ creations.

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Outdoor celebration for Democracy

The 17th of November is the National celebration of Democracy and for that reason we prepared a special decoration in our Erasmus+ corner. Kids painted a big wall paper  using  the most happy colors and …words of a famous song. They also made few pieces of art combining various tools such as oil pastels, markers and pencils. Our pupils enjoy living in a democratic country

Italy-Direzione Didattica 8° Circolo Piacenza-Land art experience for installation in the school garden

We had an amazing experience this morning at school working with Elena Giuliani, expert of ancient art with natural materials! She is the president of the cooperative ARCHEOTRAVO which is an Archaeological Parc of Travo  -open air Museum- near our school and she wrote a short text about this special installation of Land Art.

The reduced forest

Land art experience for installation in the school garden


– Birth, social motivation and conceptuality of Land art; meaning and places of land art; symbols and meanings

– The concept of nature in Prehistory; art and ritual for the Earth in Prehistory; the Paleolithic “Venuses”; natural materials for art

– Landscape as a canvas of art:

a) the work created on and in the place with the materials it offers, adapting the technique to the materials available

b) inclusion in the natural place of conceptual forms, creations that for purposes must return to the state of nature that generated them, following the life cycle foreseen for all the elements (caducity and non-permanence of the work of art)


Branches of recovery from a plant destroyed by intense atmospheric events, destined for disposal, which are reused by the pupils. The colors, recalling the colors of the natural elements, cover the stems of the trees of the Forest. The definition of a graphic symbol will be the plan on the garden level where the reduced trees will be installed. The choice of the symbol will take place by voting within the class group.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Our new outdoor Erasmus+ corner!

We are very happy to announce you the installation of our outside Erasmus+ corner !

On 5th of November, 23 students aged 2 1/2 and 3 years old were proud to be the first ones to use it!
They were very happy to stay outside and listen to the instructions for the activities outside. Our outside corner is large enough to welcome one class later they will draw, listen to stories and even organize art exhibitions and all sort of outdoor activities.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Looking for insects and other small animals in our court yard

On 5th of November 23 pupils aged 2 ½ and 3 years old explored our court yard with magnifying glasses and insects box. They try to find « gendarmes » but as autumn is all ready there, most of the insects were hidden in their house. They started to hibernate.
The door of their house has been open by our assistant to reveal to the pupils a comfortable nest made with dead earwigs, feathers, earth all sort of things necessary for the gendarmes for a long winter.
Pupils were very interested in this activity.


Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- A museum kit which likes travelling

Our love for animals moved us to borrow the  museum kit  “Painting an animal” from the “Museum of Greek Children’s Art”. Our daily program was enriched with pieces of art and kids were happy to approach the animal kingdom with different ways. We even installed an outdoor museum in our Erasmus+ corner  with free etrance to … parents!

The museum kit gave us also a perfect chance to meet our friends in the 1o Primary School Voulas . We arranged an appointment with our colleagues of the 1st grade , Spyridoula Kiskira and Gogo Riga and we visited their schoolyard . All the kids were happy to look at the different paintings  and to play games inspired by various animals. We spent a joyful morning travelling with our precious museum kit!

Estonia- Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill- Fathers’ day outdoor event!




This year all week before Father`s Day on 11th of November we celebrated  it in our kindergarten. Some groups made celebration like a concert, some groups took a trip to the museum with fathers, one group made event like a yoga training.  Erasmus+ groups decided get more attention to outdoor education and  we  made the evening  adventurous  with sports-games and various tasks for children and their dads on huge territory around kindergarten. Later we had a picnic with snacks made by children. One group baked pancakes straight in the cold November rain.  It was an evening full of excitement, great team-work between fathers and children and adventurous outdoor experience. Teachers were happy for fine partnership with parents.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti- Musical instruments

From September to November parents and grandparents helped 40 middle-class kindergarten children and 30 large group children made musical instruments from recyclable materials and material from nature: drums in metal or cartoons, balloons and yarns of elastic, trumpets from cartoon tubes, plastic glasses, coloured wire and buttons, shoe box guitars, elastic yarns and coloured paper, plastic boxes filled with rice, clipped between two plastic spoons.

Blessed and proud of what they did, they went out into the yard of the kindergarten and held a real concert to complete the musical collection.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Article on the local magazine relating the visit of the partners in France

An article issued in the last Marly le Roi’s local magazine (October 2018) relating the visit of the european teachers to our school last June during which they went around the different classrooms, observed the artistic work in progress and saw the pupils at work.

During the visit, the pupils have introduced themselves and sang in english and finally, during a diner party in the school yard, all the french teachers and the european partners had exchange their different views on pedagogical and personnal matters.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- The visual artist Martha Dimitropoulou at our school!

On Friday 2nd of November 2018 we had the honor and the joy to welcome at our school the artist Martha Dimitropoulou. With studies in Athens School of Fine Arts, in London Royal College of Art and in Fine Arts of University of East London, and also with many honors and awards in solo shows and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, she is a visual artist who uses the pine needle as a unit repeated with the same steadiness with which one would choose to make a sculpture of clay or plaster. She shared with us her love about pine needles, material which is neglected by nature, and organized with us and our students a unique workshop! We created castles of pine needles, inspired by the cheerful sand castles that kids make by the sea, combined at the end in a final sculpture, a synthesis of all the small ones, named “The Castle of our Fantasy!” Thank you dear Martha Dimitropoulou for this beautiful day!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Picking up leaves for the compost

In autumn in our playground we have plenty of dead leaves. Pupils like to play with them, but we wanted to give them a second life and teach the children how to take care of their environment.
Some teachers have compost bin in their own building and pupils were very excited to pick up the dried leaves and put them into a bag. Many of them were active helping the teachers.
Meanwhile, they could hear the sounds of the crispy dried leaves and the strong smell of the leaves. Children were very active and they collected more than 4 bags of leaves. Then the leaves were put on a special side waiting to be added to organic’s waste.

Italy-Direzione Didattica 8° Circolo Piacenza- The flora and the fauna

On Thursday 18th of October the teachers Maria Cristina Cella and Elena Vermi together with their pupils of Besurica Preprimary school went to Don Minzoni Primary school to meet the pupils of 3rd grade and their teacher Barbara Ferrari, in order to make in common a series of activities in the outdoors according to our Erasmus+ project. Before that we had worked about the parts of tree and we had also read “The very hungry caterpillar” (Eric Carle), because the pupils like to search in the garden for little bugs. During our walk we have collected as usual a lot of materials for studying later in the classroom.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- We love cooking under the sky!


Another mother volunteer came to our school to teach the kids how to make a tasty and healthy sweet using seasonal fruits. The whole procedure took place under the sky where junior chefs got involved in every step: they washed the fruits, they carried all the tools, they cut fruits into small pieces, they smashed ingredients to prepare a crunchy dough and of course they ate all that tasty “fruit soufflé”! Congratulations dear mom; you became a great Erasmus+ volunteer!

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill-The subject of Flora and Fauna in our region – Aruküla boulder

Estonia is a rich of big rocks called boulders. Estonian boulders have been formed and moved into Estonia by glacial action during previous ice ages. Boulder are protected by the law. In Aruküla near to the Kindergarten stays Estonian sixth stone on the ground. Circumference 35,2 m and height 6,2 m.

We visited our famous stone with children. We said hello to the stone and felt its texture and temperature with cheeks and hands. We drew its pattern to the paper. We visited that place in the morning and we did some physical exercises there. Also we made some music by knocking smaller stones to the boulder and sang some songs.

We also noticed some moss and lichens growing on the stone. We explored them and the texture of stone with loupes. We discussed differences between moss and lichen and noticed that moss are growing only on the north side of the stone. Also we noticed that there were different small minerals on the boulder.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr. 21 Ploiesti-The flora and fauna in the Prahova County

Friday, on 18 October  we visited the County Museum of Natural Sciences, and Botanical Garden.

The trip took place on the Ploiesti and Bucov Park, with a group of 18 students 4 years old, accompanied by 18 parents, 4 teachers and a nurse. We learned many  things about the flora and fauna from our region.

 First of all, at the Museum of Natural Sciences, we had a lesson with a specialized professor, museum designer “Animals Protected by Our County” and we learned about animal and birds as the otter, fox, squirrel, deer, the owl and the bat. It was a very interesting experience and our host teacher answered to all the children’s questions.

Secondly, we went to the Botanical Garden from Bucov Park. There, we admired and explored different species of trees. Trees that lose their autumn leaves like, shallow, lime, chestnut, poplar, oak and also coniferous as spruce, pine, fir, with green leaves all year round.

At Botanical Garden we created through colour leaves a lot of objects as butterflies, sun and flowers and after this all of us together teachers, children and parents realized an exhibition on the green grass down.

The weather was very beautiful and at the end we enjoyed a healthy picnic with our parents and children.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-We love animals!

Looking at the school yard we were surprised by the insects strolling around. Kids had high interest in their way of moving-eating-leaving. A baby turtle was a fabulous opportunity to reach animals’ world! We created turtles by egg cups and we offered her …company. We took them outside ,we prepared a house  and we organised a “Turtle-lending service”. Each pupil who took care of the turtle at home was pride to accept a “Turtle medal of animal friendly attitude”. Kids liked also to paint their preferable animal and create 3 dimensional frames. Our animal interest also inspired us to establish an animal museum in the class where parents made a visit!


Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Erasmus day with open gates!

On Friday the 12th of October we opened the doors of our school to our dear families of our students. They came to help us preparing the soil of our vegetable garden together with the students. Then we presented a theatrical play based on the famous Aesop’s myth ” The wind and the sun” with the significant message that the goodness wins the violence…

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Our Erasmus day!

On 12th of October, 30 children aged 5 years old expressed they happiness and pride to be involved in an Erasmus + programme.
With their teacher Caroline, they drawn their portrait with black pen on painted paper. The paper was painted with the color of autumn. Finally they went outside at the garden in front of their class to have a photo souvenir of the day.
Early in the afternoon few of some of them prepared the cover of the CD’s box. They had drawn flags and children working and learning outside.
Their smiling faces, the beautiful colors and the warm sun of early October made the afternoon very successful!!!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry -A day outside in the forest to explore the faune and the flora

At the end of September, 30 pupils aged 5 spent a full day in a forest near Rambouillet (Yvelynes). They explore the deep forest and the flora, huge trees (oak, chestnut …) and they even could see quite closely deer, eagle and owl flights, flying above their head.
They even try climbing.
They were very happy to spent a day outside ; It was a good learning outside experience and the best way to feel the nature and to experiment the faune and the flora.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr 21 Ploiesti-The Autumn riches

Autumn days were a good occasion of joy for our children and teachers. All kindergarten students went out to Erasmus + corner from the kindergarten courtyard, where they did different didactic activities within the thematic project “The Autumn Riches”. First of all, 18 children of four years performed painting by fingerprinting technology, collage with natural materials, using different working techniques and made the “Orange Carpet”. Secondly, 25 children of four years have painted several pictures of autumn fruits, having as a model the natural fruits, they have observed and tasted. Then, 54 children of five years worked with the theme “Autumn Carpet” – they sorted leaves of different shapes, colors, sizes and combined them creatively, enjoying the results. All the work done was then displayed at our Erasmus + Corner.

Erasmus Days + “#Erasmus Days”, which took place in October 12th-13th 2018, was an important event celebrated in our kindergarten by creating an exhibition of all the works made by children during the last week in the outdoor activities at the Erasmus corner  from the kindergarten courtyard within the framework of the “Joy of the Autumn” thematic project. The children have learned and interacted in an attractive educational space where they were able to express their curiosity and creativity and the teachers enjoyed the performance of preschool students in turn. The children were excited and happy to do lessons outside the classroom, interacting better in outdoor educational space and achieving better performance in the learning process. On the other hand, the parents enjoyed the results of the children they admired at the exhibitions made by the teachers.

Also, to celebrate Erasmus + Days, at the invitation received from school inspector Aurel Graur from the Prahova County School Inspectorate, we sent an event to promote our Erasmus + project “LEARNING OUTside the classroom in the EUROPEan NATURE “to the link  and we also posted information and photos on the international activities site

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill-Teacher’ s Day

On the 5th of October we celebrated the Teacher`s Day with concert in kindergarten and with an evening event  for teachers organized by local municipality. Our Erasmus+ team, Anu Meelimäe, Tuuli Jürgenson, Karin Kaja, received a praise for the good work with project “LEARNING OUTside the classroom IN the EUROPEan nature”

On the 6th of October all together 26 teachers and assistants working in Aruküla kindergarten got together for Erasmus+ seminar and hike. We took study path that  introduces Majakivi (Housestone), the third largest erratic boulder in Estonia (7 m in height, 32 m in perimeter), old accretion ridges, alternating bog types and forests of the Juminda peninsula. After that we held a  seminar introducing planned activities Erasmus+ project. 


Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Vegan cake with raisins

As we believe in the holistic pedagogical approach of education, we take care of our health, we take care of our environment and we love learning…we prefer healthy food. So with the help of a mother of one of our students, who is specialist in vegan and gluten free diet, we cooked a very delicious cake with natural ingredients, bananas and raisins. The students loved all the activity and especially the delicious taste of the cake, that we enjoyed outdoors at our Erasmus+ corner of our garden!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Making sounds with natural musical instruments and elements from nature.

During September, thirty 5 years old pupils worked outside in small group to the creation of the CD with natural sounds made with natural and elements from nature. Children searched different sounds using different elements : small bottle of milk full to create the sound of heavy rain, small stone to simulate a storm, sticks, woods, dead leaves…even sheet of paper that make the sound of the wind. They even made a small concert !!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr21 Ploiesti – Education Day

To mark the Day of Education, in the fifth day of October the teachers from our kindergarten together with 50 children from the large 5-6 years old group, went out to the yard at the outdoor ERASMUS+ corner and made 3 posters using different work techniques as painting, drawing and application, as well as natural materials gathered from the kindergarten yard.

Also we can say it was an amazing day for everybody and children were very happy because they worked next their teachers under the gentle sun of Autumn

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill – St.Michael’s day in Arukyla Kindergarten

On the 29th of September we celebrated St. Michael’s day in the kindergarten with 11 groups. All events were held outdoors. In Estonian folklore the meaning of this day is that all the crop and vegetables should be picked up for that day and farmers are getting ready for long cold winter. Our teachers made a thematic perfomance for this day (russian folk tale “Turnip”). Children got some new knowledge about vegetables and how healthy is food made of vegetables.

We also opened an exposition where funny vegetables and sculptures made of vegetables and other natural materials was presented in our outdoor classroom. All masterpieces were made by children and their families. Also we tasted different vegetables. It was a funny and healthy day !

Italy – Don Minzoni Primary school Piacenza – Clean up the world!

On 27th of September 170 pupils from 7 classes took part in the event “Clean up the world” cleaning green areas and a park near Don Minzoni school together with LEGAMBIENTE, Italian environmentalist association.  This association is connected with 120 countries around the world. It was an excellent activity and a great opportunity to disseminate the aim of our project!

The action was posted on Twitter and Facebook

Italy: Preprimary school Besurica Piacenza – The dogs of Italian Red Cross together with our pupils and elderly people


On Thursday the 27th of September 2018 the classroom of 4 and 5 years old from Besurica Preprimary School attended the event ” APERICODA” ( tail after hour).
This educational project mix up young and elderly people, with, in this situation, the partnership ITALIAN RED CROSS, who takes care rescue dogs, in case of natural disasters or to recover of missing people.
Our children have played with them and the elderly people were viewers!
In the end of the event children had a happy hour with them!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Dissemination of Erasmus programme

On Wednesday the 26th 0f September our first parents’ meeting got place in the central hall of our school. Parents were informed about the regulation of the school and the Erasmus program. They were enthusiastic about getting involved in  different activities outside in the …European nature  and they also look forward to offering a warm welcome  to our partners on April 2019! An Erasmus pencil was offered to everyone as a european gift!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr21 Ploiesti – Sound and colors of autumn. Again at the kindergarten

On September 20th and 21st, 40 children of 4 years and their teachers attended outside in the kindergarten courtyard and the Erasmus Corner, with attractive teaching activities, enjoying the warm days and natural resources of the kindergarten courtyard: they noticed the chestnut from courtyards, yellowed leaves, picked chestnuts into the baskets and they used for math activity: they counted and matched the corresponding figure, placed at the colored tables at the Erasmus corner. Children also showed joy and interest in the sports games they attended with their teachers.

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill -Arukyla kindergarten celebrated autumn`s birthday with outdoor event

Friday 21th of September our garden and outdoor classroom were full of music and art activities. We celebrated beginning of autumn with Erasmus+ event.
All 11groups of kindergarten got the opportunity to make some birthday music on instruments from nature. Children created music with stones, with cones, with wooden knobs, with wooden xylophones. All music was recorded and will be shared to our project partners on CD-s.
Also every group got big white bedsheet where they painted with autumn colors by spraying color.
As birthday meal we enjoyed carrot cake and ashberry tea.
It was happy day in Arukyla full of music, art and joy!


Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Our still-life painting of autumn fruits!

As autumn appeared in our  school we liked the idea of tasting and also painting autumn fruits. In order to get inspired we first saw few famous paintings . We afterwards brought everything in the outdoors and felt free to make our oun composition of autumn fruits. Our still-life paintings got created and we received congratulations on our pieces of art!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – The compost is ready!

During the first days of the new school year we presented the compost convertor to our new students. At the same time we mixed the ready compost, that was made during the last school year and the vacations, at different corners of our garden. The children observed the dark brown color of the compost and learned that its composition rich in vitamins will help the plants grow up. Now we have to get our compost convertor full of new material!

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill- Grand opening of a school year in Arukyla!

On the 3rd of September we celebrated beginning of new school year with traditional outdoor activities.
We started with parade around territory of our kindergarten.
Next to main entrance everybody could admire an exhibition of artworks came back from France on subject “Blue like a garden without borders”. After finishing colorful, cheerful and loud walk children got bubble blowers as small presents and some fruits to snack.
We had three trampolines as well to have fun. Children really enjoyed possibility to jump until tiredness.
An art exhibition was opened also for the parents until the evening.
It was great day full of joy and outdoor activities for 174 children.

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill- Insect Hotel

Aruküla kindergarten courtyard has an insect-gallery since this spring, providing shelter to various insects who have found their way there. The insect hotel was built by children and their teachers. For building were used cones, hay, plants, branches, etc.
The gallery is mostly populated by ants and ladybugs. When children find an insect, they always want to move it to the hotel right away.
We use the hotel to show children how the insects live. To give a better view we use magnifying glass. Children can visit the insect-gallery all year round, to see whether the insects are sleeping or moving around. Visiting the hotel is very interesting for children and always gives them opportunity to discover something new about the insects.

Italy – Besurica Pre Primary school and Don Minzoni Primary school Piacenza – Visit the park Monte Cucco!

Interesting moment of continuity between the 4-year section of Besurica children’s school and the 3rd grade of the D.Minzoni primary school “en plain air”, in the local park, close to the two schools, where children can exchange impressions, questions … on the outdoor learning activities, experimented in the current academic year, with the Erasmus Plus project LEARNING OUTside THE classroom in the EUROPEAN nature!

Italy – Don Minzoni Primary school Piacenza – Exploration to the Park of River Trebbia

On June 2018 Don Minzoni Primary school pupils visited the Park of River Trebbia near Piacenza in order to explore the natural environment. The river Trebbia originates in the Ligurian Apennine, and after crossing the upper and middle Piacentino Apennine it reaches the first hills where the regional River Park begins. There the pupils observed the flora, the animals and the stones on the river banks. It was a great exploration!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – The Farewell picnic !

On the 2nd of July 2018 45 children aged 3 to 5 went to the park near the school to spend a day outdoor ! They learned outside the classrroom in the nature different sport games, then we all had a pic nic where all the parents were welcomed. Some came just for one hour, some stood with us to spend a very hot day in the refresing park of Marly le Roi in the shadow of huge trees!!!
Everybody children, parents, teachers and assistants were very happy to spend a day outside having a healthy pic nic !

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – The cycling license!

During the months of May and June children learnt the basic traffic rules. They learnt how to cycle on right side of the road, some of the main sign posts important for the safety, and to stop at the traffic light. We used real sign post and real traffics light.
And at the beginning of July they passed an exam to check if they remembered what they have learnt. Those who successfully passed the exam received a diploma depending of their level. They were very proud of it!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr21 Ploiesti-“Good-bye Kindergarten”

On June 15th, the official end date of the school year, the big class “Iepurasii” celebrated their festivity. The event had the following parts:
-dances, where the children wore custom t-shirts with their colleagues’ signatures;
-the fashion parade, where the children showed their beautiful outfits;
-songs and poems about “Good-bye kindergarten”;
-the moment when the children offered flowers to their teachers and to the head teacher;
-the closing ceremony, where children received toques, diplomas, promotional albums, DVDs with photos from kindergarten and books with a short teachers’ message.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Open gates and festive morning at the school Saint Exupéry in Marly le Roi

On Saturday 23rd of June all the families of the school were invited to come to the open gates. They could visit the exhibition of the works realized by the pupils on the different projects: Erasmus + project, project on the emotions, and our project linked with the statues of the park of Versailles.
During the morning parents, educational adviser and representative of parish council could see the presentation of our Erasmus project on « Learning outside in the nature » and the models of our playground and the park of Marly le Roi. All the children of the school sang and realized a « Flash mob » then parents were invited to join the dance!
This festive morning was followed by a fair! Everyone was very happy to celebrate the end of the school year!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – English lesson by one of our students’ mother

The last day of our school year a mother of one of our students, who is English teacher, together with one of her colleagues teachers visited our school for a special English lesson! They taught our students English songs and played with them games in English with subject colors, saying Hello and Goodbye…

The monkey puppet that they presented was an enthusiastic surprise for the kids!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr21 Ploiesti-Dissemination of the Training and Teaching event held in Saint Germain en Laye, France

On Wednesday, 20 June 2018, we organized the Teachers’ Council in our kindergarten with the participation of 16 teachers, where it was a dissemination activity for the Training and Teaching event held in Saint Germain en Laye, France. The two teachers who participated in the event, Mihaela and Ana-Maria, shared their wonderful experiences that lived there during 5-9 June 2018, highlighting the new pedagogical methods learned, oriented towards transdisciplinarity and which we can successfully apply in our future didactic activities.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Easy transition from preprimary to primary school

On Tuesday 12nd of June the older students of 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas who will go to the primary school next September, visited 1rst Primary school of Voula in our neighborhood. The two classes of 1rst grade welcomed us and presented their classrooms and their yard. We offered rucksacks with the logo of our project and we discussed our cooperation. Our students felt very proud and old enough to continue to the next step of education, so our goal for easy transition from preprimary to primary school was achieved.

Greece 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Inspiration of Monet garden!


The visit of Monet gardens in Giverny during our first Training event in France gave to teachers material and inspiration for artistic activities with students. So, with our return back to school the students admired the photos and the books with the art of the impressionist painter Claude Monet, together with all the photos and the material brought from the training event. The students expressed themselves artistically with joy!


France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Blue carpet, blue mail art and blue garden in Saint Germain en Laye!


During the 1st training event in France, the meeting of dissemination and closure of two others Erasmus + projects coordonated by the association « Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière » took place in Saint Germain en Laye. On Friday the 8th of June a blue carpet was rolled out, artistic concept created by the artist Aline Rutily. The installation of this blue carpet was made with a lot of blue squares created by the association, the partners and friends in relation with the color blue and also partners of our project. It symbolized a blue path created by people in relation with the association.

Meanwhile an exhibition on blue mail art was inaugurated for the closure of another Erasmus + project : Blue like a garden without borders. A contest was organized with several prices.

And the winner is ?… Our partner the Italian Don Minzoni school from Piacenza !!!

Outside again we admired the blue garden created by Aline Rutily…

All the European teachers of our team in front of the beautiful blue garden!

Greece 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – 12 squares for the blue carpet of European project “Chemins du blue”

We created with our students 12  blue squares in order to participate in the installation of blue carpet of the European project “Chemins du blue” that was presented during our training event in Saint Germain en Laye France. Our blue squares were made with painting and collage of beautiful images from different Greek islands.

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill- Erasmus+ event in Arukula

In the evening of 12th June ladies working in Aruküla Kindergarten got together in Tuuli`s garden. Reason of the meeting was to celebrate end of the first year of  international project and get information, new skills and fresh ideas fom events in Romania and France.
At first our director Karin gave an overview of Erasmus+ process in our kindergarten. It was very useful to recall all these activities took place from September 2017- June 2018.
Teachers Tuuli and Karin were prepared presentation of Second Transnational Meeting in Ploiesti, Romania. Many compliments could colleagues hear about fine organization of meeting.
Teachers Anu and Karin was just coming back from Saint Germain en Laye and was full of great memories from Training and Teaching Event organized by dear project partner Magali Labbe. Complete presentation with photos and videos was presented to colleagues.
The end of the evening we had a picnic and possibility answer to all questions about Erasmus+ project  “Learning outside the classroom in the European nature”. This time learners were 32 teachers and assistants.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr21 Ploiesti- The Environment Day

On the 5th of June we celebrated the Environment Day by wearing green t-shirts and doing various activities: we gathered the garbage from the kindergarten yard, we talked about how to save the Environment , we made mock-ups with the message “Save the forest / water and the living creatures”, drawings about a healthy environment , the tree of the good advices and made toys from recyclable materials. The children were very involved.

Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill- Hiking and picnics in Arukula!


In May we have long tradition to go for hiking. Very often hiking destinations can be homeyards of our students and we are always welcomed warmly .
This spring we decided to ask parents come with us as one big happy team. Different groups had different quantity of cooperative parents, but breavest of them were with us.
Depending on the age of the children, groups had different trails. Everybody enjoyed good combination of great weather, physical activity and fine company in European nature!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Celebrating the World Environment Day!

Celebrating the World Environment Day in our schoolyard was a great opportunity  for the whole school team to disseminate all our projects, thoughts and concerns about protecting nature. Having as central core “marine litter”‘ we prepared a story where all the kids needed to find a solution to save the life of sea animals against plastic bags . Fish, crabs, plastic bags, doctors, nurses, sea and scuba divers were presented in front of our hand made scenery and of course in front of an enthusiastic audience! All the pupils got a warm applause and a diploma for being a member of our Erasmus+ Team!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – First Training Event in Saint Germain en Laye France!

From the 6th to the 8th of June 2018 we had our first training event in Saint Germain en Laye France.

The partners participated to an artistic workshop proposed by the artist Aline Rutily from the Association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière. We created poem and illustrated it on a note book with watercolorable oil pastel and pencils.

Then we went to Versailles to visit the gardens and the parc of the castle of Louis XIV.

The following morning our coordinator Vassiliki Anagnostou presented our Erasmus + project in front of 50 people coming from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romania and France.

A cruise on the river Seine was a very good way to learn more about the time of impressionnistes painters and the way they lived.

On Friday morning all the partners went to visit the preprimary school Saint Exupéry in Marly le Roi. Children presented themselves in English, they sang songs for the partners.

Then we all had a trip to Giverny to visit the house and gardens of the impressionniste painter Claude Monet.

We ended this first training event in the Blue garden created by the artist Aline Rutily.


Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti – “The Kindergarten open gates”

“The 100th anniversary of the Great Unification of Romania”

Tuesday, May 29 th 2018, all kindergarten staff- children, teachers and parents, met to celebrate the big historical event of the year 2018 – The 100th Anniversary of the Great Unification of Romania, within the action we prepare every year- “The kindergarten open gates“.
The children worked in collaboration with their parents, under the supervision of the teachers. They prepared some of handmade products about Romania as: flags, maps, mock-up with children silhouettes, souvenirs.
It was a great celebration and everybody enjoy it!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Pesronalised posters of our project for all students’ families!

Every student prepared his/her artistic poster of our project, on which we glued his face photo under the tree of our logo. So we created personalized posters for every happy student who participates in LEARNING OUTside the classroom IN the EUROPEan nature for all our families! We also added the main priorities of our project at the backside of the poster, in order to diffuse the ideas of our partnership. At the day of our theatrical play with environmental message for our sea, when all the families and friends of our students visited our school, we organized an exhibition of all the beautiful posters. In addition we informed more of 150 visitors of our neighborhood  about the progress of the implementation of our Erasmus+ project and we thanked all the parents and grand parents who were happy to participate in many project’s activities!

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry – Visiting the artistic blue garden created by the artist Aline Rutily

On the 25th of May 22 children went to Saint Germain en Laye to discover the artistic blue garden created by the artist Aline Rutily. They had a sensorial approach : they could touch and smell the leaves of lavender, they could admire all the bleu flowers. They used mirrors to see the reflects, they used frames to focus on details, they used kaleïdoscopes to multiply the image.
Then with bleu wax chalk and color pencils they draw the flowers the blue garden.
At the end of this morning pupils spent few times in the children’s department of the library where they could see books on flowers, garden…

Estonia: Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill – Sport event in Aruküla

Last Friday took place our traditional outdoor event – spring day of sport activities.
On 25th May all groups got together in front of main entrance and we started to warm up for sport under guidance of sport-teacher Angelina with cheerful music.
All groups, about 200 children in age 1.5-7years, competed in running 20m or 30m, throwing a sand-bag far as possible, in long jump.
We finished sporty day with small presents to groups, with golden medals made of chocolate to each child and with happy dances.
It was beautiful day full of sunshine and sport for everybody!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Letters-cards for the exposition of art postal in France

A few days ago we sent by post letters – cards of the phrase LEARNING OUT IN NATURE in order to participate in the exposition of art postal with the title ” Bleu comme un jardin sans frontière “, that will be organized next June in Saint Germain en Laye in France during the Training event of our project. On every letter – card are written words translated in all the languages of the project, for example on letter L … we wrote Life, ζωή, viata, elu, vie, vita … Every letter – card is travelling separately as a card postal transferring the message to all the intermediate stations on the route from 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas to France.

Life  Expanding  Adventure  Reality  Nature  Independence  New  Game

Out  Unique  Team

International  Nurture

Neighborhood  Action  Travel  Universe  Recycling  Emotions

The exposition is organized by the artist Aline Rutily from the association Paysage et Patrimoine sans frontière, who is responsible for the Training Event of all the partners.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr 21 Ploiesti-Visit to the animal Farm

Last week the children visited an animal farm in the vicinity of Bucharest, where the children met domestic animals and birds, but also some wild animals. They assisted in milking the cow and tossing the ponies. The children were accompanied by their parents and we all together spent a day full of informations and relaxion at the same time.

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Johannes Vermeer’s painting filled with flowers!

Vermeer’s  “Girl with the Pearl Earring”  had fascinated our students and so we decided to make copies of it by using a real model! A student -aged 4- stood still for over 15’ so that her classmates could paint her. When the paintings were dried we transformed them to vases simply by folding the cardboards. At the end we added  few flowers from our garden. Fresh and colorful art!


Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill- Mother’s Day Outdoor Party!

Few days ago we celebrated Mothers Day with a outdoor concert and a picnic for all the families of our kindergarten.

Weather was great and 11 groups, all together around 200 students, gave great perfomances of classical estonian children songs to their parents. The youngest students performed two baby-dances.

After that children congratulated their moms with hand-made gifts and postcards.

All parents and children could enjoy great weather and tasty snacks also made by students.

It was happy day full of music, gratitude to mothers and fine food in good company.

France-Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry- Exhibition of artistic works made by students!

All the children of our school went to visit the glyptotheque in Versailles. Following this visit they created statues, decorated boxes… All the artistic produvtions were presented in an historical place near Versailles.

47 children aged 4 to 6 years old went to visit the exhibition showing around 350 art works made students from all the department! They could admire their own production among others!

France- Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry-Excursion to plant!

On 15th of May 25 3 years old children went to an excursion to learn how to plant. They can touch soil, they learn the best way to plant seeds of coriander, sunflowers. For the students it was a great opportunity to see green houses. They went back to school with a lot of pots with seeds, flowers for the mothers and our playground.

After replanting pansy in the garden and around trees, they had to water. They like so much thisactivity that they are able to queue for a long time to wait for the watering can !!

Then one colleague had to weed the garden.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Excursion to the National Glyptotheque!

As we are admirers of art and nature, we organised an excursion to the National Glyptotheque which combines great sculptures in peaceful gardens. Accompanied by some mothers-volunteers and a guide, our pupils had the chance to discover, observe and also.. pretend to be different sculptures. A picnic and few games under the trees completed our unique day in the …Athenian Nature!

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – We planted flowers!

Our municipality kindly plow the earth around the trees in order to allow pupils to plant seeds of flowers.
On the 11th of May we planted different seeds to make a wild garden » with poppies…
After planting pupils had to water the earth. Of course they were very happy to water the future garden and a bit difficult for the youngest !
As we are having very hot days children watered the vegetable garden during the playtime. They are always very proud to take care of their garden and flowers !

Greece-Saint Joseph Nursery School- “Herbs and Plants”

Before our Easter holidays kids of Saint Joseph have participated in an experiential program titled “Herbs and plants” , where they were happy to discover the treasures of nature.

Firstly, we’ve learnt about planting the crops and drying the herbs. Then we cleaned the garden from the wild grass and watered it. After the hard work kids became farmers and fresh vegetables were gathered from the garden and ended in our plates ready to be eaten!! Finally, the most exciting thing was when kids fed the animals of the farm and dyed the eggs that they had previously collected from the chicken!!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti-Rescue Station visit!

Tuesday, on May 8 th, was another great day spent with our students outside the kindergarten. We went to visit the Rescue Station in Ploiesti, where a large medical team of nurses and volunteers taught the kids some resuscitation exercises on their own dolls. Also the children were invited to climb into the Rescue car and noticed the entire equipment, but also its role. In our response to the end of the visit to the Rescue Station we gave an interview to a local television in which we presented the purpose of our partnership.

Estonia-Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill- An exhibition “old to new”!

This spring from 26th March to 6th April an exhibition called “Old to new” took place in Aruküla Kindergarten.

With great creativity children made various things with their parents from different reusable materials. Something new was made from something old. They used egg chells, food packs, peaces of old furniture etc.

Children were very happy doing this with their parents and proudly introduced their masterpieces. Also in groups we made mostly easter decorations for the exhibition.
Lots of parents was visiting exhibition and taking photos during several days.
An exhibition was organized in good purposes – Less waste, more fun and  lets keep the planet  clean!

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Days full of Arts!

The approach of art became a  fascinating experience  for our pupils. The Museum kit “Learning to respect the environment, through Art” that we had borrowed from the “Museum of Greek Children’s Art” offered us a variery of pictures showing paintings and sculptures. We exposed most of the pictures in our Erasmus+ Corner and kids asked to be sculptors and make sculptures using their bodies! Wonderful sculptures appeared in the schoolyard…Coming inside they choose their favorite pictures and they composed a story.  They decided to present their story , so they got dressed up as real actors. Making drawings and collage could not be missing…we prepared a ‘buffet’ full of any kind of different elements and kids were happy to create crafts!

Estonia: Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill- Exhibition of children`s artwork with natural materials!

As beautiful spring has arrived to Aruküla, we decided to create some art in open air with natural materials to celebrate it.
Children collected all necessary materials, flowers, leaves, small stones, branches, into small baskets. With thick glue students created art-works as they wanted it to be.
An exhibition of done artworks was set up for parents and our young artists got many-many compliments about their creativity!
Lots of sun, happiness and positive emotions was in this beautiful spring day in Aruküla Kindergarten!


Estonia: Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill- Hello spring!

Hello, Spring! is an educational activity  connecting outdoor studies with using modern ICT applications. It has run since 1994 and  in 2018 there were about 7000 participating students from 400 educational institutions – schools and kindergartens from all over Estonia.
Students will observe changes that take place in the Nature during spring. They will study migratory bird and plant species – all together 35 common indicator species – and learn to identify them in nature – plants by appearance and flowering, birds by song and appearance etc. We  have posters in our groups with photos of these species. Finding a new sign of spring, we send good message all over Estonia – spring has arrived to Aruküla!


Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti – Seminar organized in Ploiesti for the promotion of the activities and results of the project was published online

A seminar was organized by the Gradinita cu Program Prelungit No 21 Ploiesti for the promotion of the activities and results of the LEARNING OUTside the classroom project IN the EUROPEan Nature on 25th of April 2018.
The representative of the Romanian Government, in the person of the prefect of Prahova County, the representative of the Prahova County Council, the school inspectors from Prahova County School Inspectorate who participated in the activity congratulated the project coordinator and all the European partners for presentations and appreciated their efforts to extend relevant educational approaches – an external educational space appropriate to the age of the target group, to ensure successful opportunities for all students.
The Romanian teachers who participated in the seminar gave positive feedback after seeing the project team presentations and appreciated: the diversity of outdoor teaching activities, students’ performance reflected in the artwork, scientific experiments, positive and proactive attitudes of teachers and their students.

The April 25th event organized by Gradinita cu Program Prelungit 21 Ploiesti and the project coordinator were presented and promoted in the online PH online newspaper :

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti – Transnational meeting in Romania, 3 beautiful days, full of special events that generated positive emotions manifested at all participants!

First day, April 25th
– visiting the kindergarten;
– artistic manifestations of children in the kindergarten courtyard – dances, karate;
– didactic activities at the ERASMUS corner outdoor practice activity and environmental experimentation activity, cloud formation, conducted by children aged 4-5 and their teachers;
– a seminar to promote the project’s activities and results, presentations of the members of the countries participating in the project with the participation of the representative of the Romanian Government in the person of the Prefect of Prahova County, the representative of the Prahova County Council, the school inspectors for early education from Prahova County School Inspectorate, the kindergarten headmasters from the county, and the representative of the parents’ kindergarten association, about 50 people.
The second day, April 26th
– organizing a picnic in the Bucov Park near Ploiesti with the participation of 30 children of 5-6 years, 15 parents, professors, European participants;
– children’s artistic manifestations on the Alley writers in Bucov park area;
– visit to the Palace of Parliament building in Bucharest.
The third day, April 27th
– visit to secondary school Nicolae Balcescu – promotion of the project;
– visit to Kindergarten with Extended Program No 23 – educational outdoor musical activity, outdoor project promotion;
– visit to the Ploiesti Clock Museum;
– the festive closing of the transnational meeting in Romania.

2nd Transnational Meeting of Erasmus+ Partners in Ploiesti Romania!

The 2nd transnational meeting of our great Erasmus+ team takes now place in Ploiesti, Romania. All the partners -from Romania, Greece, France, Estonia and Italy- presented their series of activities realized outside the classroom in the european nature! The Romanian team achieved the organization of the 1st day of the meeting in an excellent way. Thank you Toba Mihaela Carmen  -Director of the school- and Albu Iuliana-Ana!!!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Observing and creating sculptures!

Inspired by the land artists Nils Udo, Andy Goldsworthy, Robert Smithson we programmed an outdoor excursion. The wonderful landscape of “Akti Vouliagmenis” (a beach near our school) offered us great points of interest to observe. Kids first admired the elegant statues in small size standing in the neat gardens by the sea and then they reproduced them with their bodies! Their creativity pushed them to make their own sculpture  -a fish- using pieces they found around: stones, small branches, sea shells, leaves.

Coming back to school their inspiration guided them to gather diverse spam objects in an “empty” corner of our garden and decorate it with a brand-new sculpture. The result was … a unique lighthouse  with a small cage on the top!!!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Photographers and artists!

After our easter holidays kids were happy to discover changes in the school garden. We made a tour all around the garden and they asked me to take photos of all these different images : fresh new camomile, leaves, flowers and high tall wheat! My proposition to give them my cell phone so that they would become photographers, appeared as a very appealing idea! Our tour ended up by making artistic compositions using natural elements found around the garden and presented in a hula hoop frame.

Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill – Experiments “Thirsty celery” and “Fresh leaves growing from the buds”


Spring hasn’t arrived to Aruküla yet as you can see from the first photo and we decided to experiment with natural materials indoor. There were two experiments.
First one was called “Thirsty celery”. We did  taste celery at first and then we put three branches into three differently coloured water. After a few days we could see how differently coloured liquid had changed celery. The celery looked best in a clear water.

Second experiment was very traditional for Estonians. We do this in the beginning of spring when we feel a need to see some green leaves  after a long cold dark winter as symbol of new beginning in nature.  We do not eat these leaves, we bring them into a warm room and we observe how leaves start to grow from the buds.

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – Celebrating Spring with planting seeds

To celebrate the arrival of spring children plant seeds in pots. When the little plants had grown up we replant then in our inside vegetable garden. Pupils planted : radish, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, green beans and zucchini !!
Then planted seeds in our outside vegetable garden. This summer we will have lots of flowers to attract butterflies !! and at that time there is no need to water, we have lot of rain !!

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti – Participation in “Made for Europe” national contest in Romania!

Last Friday, on 30th April 2018, has been a special event for our kindergarten. The teachers and the children with their parents, have participated in the National Contest “Made for Europe” 2018, county level, together with all the other schools from Prahova County involved in the European projects. For our team it was an opportunity to present our Erasmus + project and the children were happy to present traditional and international dances. Greetings to all from Romania!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas is learning outside and inside with the 4th Primary School Voulas!

On Monday the 26th of March we visited the 4th Primary School Voulas where we spent few hours with the 1st grade pupils and their teachers. First we made a sightseeing tour around the garden and the schoolyard where the director Mrs Alex. Markopoulou “introduced” us different trees and bushes. Coming inside we played a game with the names of the trees and the leaves and then Mrs Popi Papakonstantinou, Mr Antonis Skellas and Mrs Tonia Pitsarou presented a serie of impressive experiments using water, air, fire,glass and a lot of enthusiasm and joy! It was a unique day where a new friendship began!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Sun and shadow at every turn in our school!

Shiny sun gave us the opportunity to play with light and shadow in every corner inside and outside our school. The movement of  arms and bodies offered every kind of size and shape and a happy decoration next to the main entrance between the bushes. Small pieces of carton became shadow puppets and the kids were happy to improvise short stories and present them to their classmates.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 Ploiesti-“Little tree, little tree I’m taking care of you”

At the beginning of the week we have been continuing the spring activities with big children – 6 years old, in the kindergarten yard. We have been cutting the barren branches, we covered the trees with chalk, to keep them safe from the insects. Also we have been putting around them down on the ground chalked stones. Everybody sang the beautiful song to the trees “Little tree, little tree I’m taking care of you”.

Italy-Direzione Didattica 8o Circolo Piacenza – Collaboration of preprimary and primary students for the model of our school!

Our class met class II B of Don Minzoni Primary school many times to find out how to realize a model. First we made inspection outside to take a look at the building and the surrounding area. Than we focused on what we needed as regards materials and technics.
We were divided into four groups, each having a task to make the garden fence, the school building, the green area and the other finishing touches.


Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Let’s explore WATER!

For over a week we realised different experiments with WATER. Does it flow? Does it have a colour or a smell? Is it transparent?Can we catch it? What happens when it is boiled? Which things float and which do they sink?                       Kids got answers for their questions by playing with water in the open air. They explored water by using  different objects – a pot, strainers in different sizes, funnels, pins,tissue,pen,cotton e.t.c- and of course their hands! They enjoyed a ‘running’ game by carrying a plastic glass full of water and they finally achieved to write the word “ΝΕΡΟ” (water in greek) with clothespins hung in a rope! We really like WATER!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-Does the water flow inside the flowers? Let’s find out…

The experiment was easy to practice outside the classroom in our Erasmus+ Corner. We chose some white flowers and we put them in three different glasses filled with coloured water. We wrote down in a paper the suggestions of the kids :a)The flowers will remain white, b)the flowers will absorb water which will change their colour. It took us 5 days of observation to corfim suggestion (b). The final conclusion was drawn by the kids in their sheets of paper as professionals do!

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – Our poster of “The secrets of healthy and happy children”

The making of our poster of “The secrets of healthy and happy children”.
The 3 and 4 years old children have drawn the activities they liked on small leaves. The 4 years old drawn different outside activities related with our Erasmus + project , then every pupil explain in their own words which activities they prefer.
This poster has been settled at the entrance of the classroom so the parents can have a look at it and children can show and explain what they have done.



France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – Entomologists in the playground!

In France at last spring is coming!! Children went in the playground to look after insects and what we call “policeman”!!
The latin name of this insect is Pyrrhocoris apterus. They live on the tree trunk and they love the heat of the sun. At the beginning of spring they go outside in cluster tightly pressed against each other.
To observe the pupils had magnifying glasses and box for entomology.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas-We became firemen!

Our pupils’ surprise was unspeakable when firemen rung the bell of our school .Their joy became even stronger when the fire truck parked outside the school yard and all the kids had the opportunity to become firemen by wearing helmets and using the appropriate equipments! The whole activity finished by writting down the number for emergency calls to the fire station “199”and making it hung to their hands to take it home.

Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill: Why we have to classify garbage?


In January and February we participated in the nationwide recycling campaign for Estonian schools and kindergartens. During the campaign period, 4-5years children and their parents collected empty batteries and empty candle covers that are made of aluminum to recycle them. We collected over 400 empty batteries and over 800 aluminium covers. Also we made a poster explaining why is necessary to classify garbage.

In addition we made promises to the nature:
1. We will not throw garbage on the ground!
2. We will not throw garbage in the water!
3. We will classify garbage!
4. We will grow new plants !
5. We promise not to waste electricity !
All our class members signed these promises .

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Seminar for teachers inside and outside our school!

On March the 7th a seminar for teachers took place in our school dedicated to our Erasmus+ program. 35 teachers from primary and pre-primary schools participated in our sight-seeing outside and in our digital presentations inside. We had the honour to welcome Mr A. Mandrikas, School Counselor of Primary Education and Miss V.Vorylla, Co-ordinator of Environmental Education for Pre-Primary Education of East Attica and share with all of them the great experience of the program. All the participants received gifts illustrated by the logo of our Erasmus+ program. It was an exceptionnal evening!

Italy – Don Minzoni school Piacenza – European projects in local newspaper

Scuola Don Minzoni ‘in Europa’, l’Erasmus parte dall’infanzia

Don Minzoni: Erasmus projects in kindergarten

The Don Minzoni school of Piacenza opens the doors to the internationalization of teaching and is the first in the city to participate in Erasmus projects for children and to obtain important European awards.
‘We started this adventure by involving, for the first time, also the kindergarten in an Erasmus K1 project (‘ Open roads to Europe ‘, in partnership with a Spanish school and a Romanian school), aimed at teaching English language to the children of the maternal and to develop new methodologies related to the theme of inclusion ‘, says Elisabetta Corvi, teacher of the Eighth Circle of Piacenza, who adds:’ The project allowed to start important synergies with other European schools, allowing us teachers to start cultural exchanges with other organizations, opening a window on Europe to children.
Internationalization also involved the Eighth Circle of Piacenza primary school which – in early March – won the international eTwinning award in Copenhagen, – the platform that promotes twinning between European schools in the field of educational innovation – with the project European ‘Out of the box’. The Don Minzoni school has worked in a team with two European schools (one Spanish and one Romanian) and has received an important recognition in terms of creative writing and use of technologies in narrative function, developing storytelling skills in children thanks to the use of different forms of expression (writing in English, images and making videos). The project – curated by the teachers Marisa Badini and Ilenia Brancato – won last November also the national eTwinning award 2017, reaching among the ten finalists.
The pride of the Eighth Circolo di Piacenza is also the participation in the ‘Computational Thinking and Coding’ training course which was held recently in Finland: ‘We are one of the seven Italian schools involved in the coding project together with Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia ‘, explains Elisabetta Corvi, who has developed (with the project to introduce robotics’ Wild life story with bee-bots ‘) the theme of disability as a resource,’ reasoning with the partners of Finland and Norway on inclusion as an enrichment for each school ‘. Last September – moreover – the Don Minzoni school was involved in three other Erasmus K2 projects, adding another piece to the internationalization: ‘Thanks to the support of the manager Sabrina Mantini, we have developed – together with the teachers Marisa Badini, Carmela Simone and Cristina Cella – three innovative projects in partnership with other European schools. The first (‘Mystery of History’) represents a journey into the history and cultural roots of Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, involving the primary classes in the discovery of national and international historical and artistic heritage, ‘added teacher Elisabetta Corvi, who he then recalled the participation in the project (‘Bilingual citizenship education’) focused on citizenship skills and implemented in partnership with Poland and Spain. The third project involving all kindergartens and schools of the Circle (Learning outside the classroom in the European nature) concerns the methodologies of open learning, and also involves Estonia, France, Romania, Greece. The Eighth Circle of Piacenza will represent Italy and will host – in June 2019 – the conclusion of the work: ‘We have already participated in a first planning meeting in Estonia followed by a meeting in Romania (next April) and a workshop in France (Gardens of Versailles) in June. In autumn – concludes Elisabetta Corvi – we will be in Greece for another workshop that will address the issue of active citizenship since childhood for the recovery of outdoor spaces in which to grow in respect of the other and the environment.

Romania-Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr 21 Ploiesti-A beautiful spring day full of art and science!

Tuesday March the 6th , our children have performed outdoor activities and completed the first page of the naturalist scientistics’ notebook. They artisically expressed through painting, the separation of the winter season and the desire to come spring, hoping it will be  the last snow. They also learnt  the enviromental knowledge activity about the water circuit in nature and conducted experiments on the subject.They mesured and recorded in parallel the melting time of the snow brought in the classroom.

Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill: Outdoor picnic celebrating the independence of Estonia and the anniversary of our school!

The Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence on February 24, 2018.
By lucky chance our kindergarten was opened exactly the same day in 1983, so we also celebrated 35 years of Aruküla kindergarten.
Various events took place all week:
On Monday we opened an exhibition of historical toys and books collected from parents and grandparents.
On Tuesday we had picnic event in our outdoor classroom, where we were singing and talking about our beloved homeland Estonia and our kindergarten. Hot sausages straight from the grill were real hit among children on a cold winter day.
On Wednesday we had a magician presenting tricks for children.Lots of surprises and real fun!
On Thursday we were drawing in groups and later these drawings were sent to presidental drawing competition “My present to Estonia”.
On Friday we watched a movie made by our enthusiastic teachers. In the movie children and kindergarten teachers were answering questions and analyzed life in Estonia and in our kindergarten.

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas- Van Gogh in our Erasmus+ Corner!

The experience of visiting the virtual exhibition  “Van Gogh Alive” touched our artistic feelings and moved us to our Erasmus+ Corner in the schoolyard. There, our students reproduced their favorite Van Gogh’s paintings. We  were all enthousiastic to install an open-air exhibition. This unique artistic installation stayed open to the …audience ’till the end of the school day,  gaining a lot of  warm comments!

Romania – Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 – “Secrets of a healthy student who loves outdoor learning”


The poster with the theme “Secrets of a healthy student who loves outdoor learning” was made in February by six-year-old students in our kindergarten. They have expressed their artistic ideas through drawing, painting and applications that have illustrated the theme in the four seasons of the year with their favorite outdoor activities and games. At the end of their work, joy and delight were read on their faces for what they had done.

Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill: The secrets of a healthy student who loves outdoor learning

We are happy to have four seasons in Estonia. Every season has its own face. Our poster illustrates our healthy activities during different seasons. Every season awaited by children and brings us different knowledge about nature. We would like to introduce you to our favorite activities during different seasons – winters snow fun, springs nature blooming, summers time swimming and falls vegetable fun. All these activities are presented on our beautiful poster!

Italy-Direzione Didattica 8o Circolo Piacenza and Scuola infanzia Besurica 8 Circolo Piacenza-Steps to the …moon!

On the occasion of Kyoto protocol birthday, Radio 2 National Radio organized a symbolic walk “to the moon”!  “M ILLUMINO DI MENO” everyone could give steps. Our school , with about 106 children, gived 150000 steps!!! We went, under the sleet, to the public park, turning off all the schools lights!!! Very nice experience!

Romania – Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 – Visiting Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences

Gradinita cu Program Prelungit No 21 Ploiesti concluded in February a collaboration protocol with the Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences, located in Ploiesti, with the aim of organizing for the preschools of 5-6 years, didactic activities on nature issues throughout the school year, in an exciting and child-friendly educational area, provided by the museum.

On Thursday, February 15th , 28 students, 2 teachers, 6 parents and 3 nursing staff went to the Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences in Ploiesti, where they took part in the environmental awareness work on “Aquatic Animals,” supported by Professor Museographer who used special teaching materials. The activity was interactive, the children were fascinated and pleased with everything they saw and experienced!

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Article on regional newspaper Evdomi

On Friday 2nd of February 2018 (online) and on Saturday 3rd of February (in the newspaper) another article regarding our project with title “Learning in the nature with 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas” was presented on regional newspaper Evdomi which has a distribution of 10.000 newspapers per week and also an active online site for 12 municipalities of Eastern Attika (Acharnai, Markopoulo – Mesogaia, Kropia, Saronicos, Lavreotiki, Spata – Artemida, Pallini, Rafina – Pikermi, Oropos, Marathonas, Paiania – Glyka Nera, Vari Voula Vouliagmeni). Our project is famous now!

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – The virtual meeting between pre primary school in Marly le Roi and primary school in Piacenza

On Thursday 1st of February we had a virtual meeting with a primary class in Piacenza. Pupils from Italy sang in French a very moving song from the film « les choristes ». We were impressed as the children sang in tune and in French !!!

French pupils showed flags, Italian, french and european, the logo of the project and the cards reveived from Piacenza and sang in English « Family Finger ». Some italian pupils knew this song and sang with us !! We really had a great time!

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Dinosaurs’ exhibition in our schoolyard!

Our students’ enthousiasm about dinosaurs moved us outside the classroom! We picked up our favorite dinosaurs and we prepared an exhibition :some kids brought few athletic bricks to be used as stands, other placed the dinosaurs on them, other arranged rubber “pillows” and  another group distributed pencils to everybody! Each kid sat in front of its preferable animal and prepared a painting. All the paintings were exposed as the dinosaurs were ! There where also many visitors in our prehistoric exhibition!

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Article on regional news

Further up the presentation of our European project on regional news, another article with title “1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Lesson outside the classroom in the open sky” was published on Wednesday 31st of January 2018 on regional news  for 6 municipalities ( Glyfada, Vari Voula Vouliagmeni, Alimos, Palaio Faliro, Helioupolis, Argyroupolis).

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Article on regional news

On Tuesday 30th of January 2018 an article regarding our partnership was published on regional news (south municipalities of Attiki) with title “1o Nipiagogeio Voulas coordinates partnership among European schools for learning in the nature”.

Greece- 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Installing and filling our new compost convertor

In our school we are fans of recycling and we have just added a compost convertor in our garden. We explained to our pupils  what we can throw in it and then we prepared special plastic boxes  to be filled with raw fruits and vegetables, coffee, teabags, dried leaves..These boxes will be available to any pupil who wants to take one home, fill it and “feed” the compost convertor at school.

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – The virtual meeting between our school and our Greek partners


On Friday 19th January around 40 children had a virtual meeting with the pupils from the pre primary school of 1° Nipiagogeio Voulas Greece.
On the french side pupils sang in french then in english. We listened to greek songs.
We could see the New Year’s card the school received, and we showed the card they send to us.
It was a very great and very strong experience for every body : children and adults to see each other, that’s creating links between us and built a young Europe !!

Estonia-Arukyla Kinderkarden Rukkilill: Meetings via Skype with our partners

It was a chilly day with icy wind then we were arrenged our skype meeting with Romania. But as our projects subject is outdoor education, we were not terrified of climate conditions and with lots of energy and fun we got connection with our lovely friends Mihaela and Iuliana . Also their colleagues was introduced.

Romanian children were well prepared – they  sang and draw to us. We could see all activity and felt warm atmosphere from our partners.
We said hello, we were singing and we tried to show some our winter activities.
About 30 pupil in age 3-5 was participating on that meeting.
Thank you, Romania, for that great experience!

Romania – Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 – Meetings via Skype with our partners

During  two days, the 17th and the 18th of January 2018, the children were very excited about these unforgettable experiences with the opportunity to see as real, friends from Estonia and Greece. We played songs in English, specially prepared for this occasion and we drew postcards to be sent to our colleagues in this European program that we enjoy being part of it!

Greece-1o Nipiagogeio Voulas: Virtual meeting through Skype!

During the 18th and the 19th of January 2018 all the partners of the Erasmus+program had virtual meetings  in pairs through skype, according to our transnational meeting in Estonia last October.

It was a real fresh and innovative experience for us and  our pupils to meet our friends from Romania and France via skype.We sang songs, we exchanged few words in english and french, we showed them the christmas cards we had received from them and we all shared the pleasure of european partnership!

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – Preparing our postcards and visiting the Post Office to send them to our European friends!

We were so pleased to receive postcards from Piacenza and the great greetings card from Greece. Part of the 4 years old children wrote in the languages of the project Happy New Year, on a card made with photos taken in the classroom for Christmas.
Then we went to the post office to buy stamps for the European countries and send them !!!
They were very proud !!!

Estonia- Arukyla Kindergarten Rukkilill: Visiting the Zoo

We share our joyful activity – visiting the Zoo

Last week we visited Tallinn Zoo with our classes. There were 33 kids age 7 – 5. Tallinn Zoo holds  the best collection of mountain goats and sheep in the world. They have most fascinating zoo collection in Northern Europe. The programm was called ” Where do animals live?” It is most pleasant way to learn about animals. We saw a lot of them: gouts, sheep, elephant, crocodiles, snakes, tiger and etc. Student found out that the elephant drinks the bucket of  worm tee in the evening, crocodiles eat only meat not fish. And chimpanzees gave us funny performance. It was very exciting day for children and teachers. Children enjoyd learning outside the classroom.



Estonia- Aruküla Kindergarten Rukkilill : Outdoor corner in Aruküla

Our outdoor classroom has been in daily use for five years.

We got it then we celebrated our kindergarten 30`s anniversary in 2013 – parents committee was collecting money with auction of self-designed chairs, local companies made donations to build cosy and waterproof shelter for children.

Besides everyday learning process we have celebrated several festivities in this lovely wooden house – mushroom exhibition, autumn`s birthday, apple-juice day, carrot-juice day with real bunnies, christmas parties, graduating kindergarten….

Visit of European Teachers during First transnational Meeting of our project 4.-6th Oct 2017 made our outdoor classroom internationally well known and our shelter is very happy of it.

Thank you, dear colleagues, for sharing wonderful experiences of outdoor activities, for all this positive energy we are getting in Arukyla by interacting all over the Europe.


Romania – Gradinita Cu Program Prelungit Nr.21 – Outdoor Erasmus+ Corner in our schoolyard!

This is our Erasmus + outdoor corner! We are very proud of it because all the beneficiaries of the project participated in it: students, parents, project team and the kindergarten teachers. We have also many improvement plans that we hope to make until the transnational meeting in April, when we are waiting for all partners in Romania. Thank you very much for the positive thoughts transmitted, the postcards and the work done by children from Greece and Italy. These will be displayed on our Erasmus panel in the interior of the kindergarten.

Greece- 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas – Outdoor Erasmus+ Corner in our yard

We are creating our Outdoor Erasmus+ Corner at the kiosk of our yard, in order to use this corner for our outdoor lessons. We hung a waterproof tent cloth for showing materials, photos or whatever we need depending on our lesson. There we hung the logo of our project with the flags of all partners and we discussed again with our students the cooperation among us.

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – New outside blackboard in the school playground!

The new outside blackboard in the school playground of the pre primary school Antoine de Saint Exupery in Marly le Roi.

Thank you Vassiliki, Melina and Anna you gave me this very good idea. We bought big wood panel. Our municipality was very helpful in painting and settling the black board on the wooden bike shelter.
Children were so exciting to use these new black board with chalks !

Greece- 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas: Installing a museum in our schoolyard!

The bright colours of our garden inspired us to establish a “Museum of Ancient Greece” in the outdoors. As we had borrowed from “The Museum of Cycladic Art” an educational suitcase full of copies from the everyday life in Ancient Greece, we decided to organise a guided tour in the nature. Our pupils, divided in small groups, arranged the objects, installed a cash desk, wrote the tickets and also prepared the tour! It was an amazing experience for all of us!

Greece – 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Christmas wishes from our European friends!

We are very happy to receive Christmas wishes from our Italian colleagues in Piacenza!

The postcard presents the monument of Alessandro Farnese (1545-1592), duke of Parma and Piacenza. It was created by the sculptor Francesco Mochi. This monument is placed in Piazza Cavalli, in the center of Piacenza.

It is very important for our students to participate in this communication which gives them the opportunity to learn more about our European colleagues, their cities and their everyday real life. An excellent action, which gives us the motive for many different geography and language activities.

Greece – 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Christmas Outdoor Decorations



This year for the first time the Christmas decorations weren’t only inside our school, but also outside in our garden! We decorated with recycled handmade ornaments a big bush at the entrance of our school and also another tree at the corner of our yard. So we offered a beautiful Christmas decoration to our students and their families, and additionally to all the people of the local community passing by our school.

Also we decorated natural branches with Christmas recycled materials inside our class.

Estonia – Aruküla kindergarten Rukkilill – Christmas decorations made of natural materials

In Estonia celebrating Christmas is top event of kindergarten year. Because we have so much dark time in this period of a year, we really enjoy decorating and lighting with our children.
This year we used mostly recycled materials and peaces from nature around our kindergarten. Big hall is ready for 11 christmas parties with families!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Greece – 1o Nipiagogeio Voulas – Participation in day conference “30 years of Erasmus”

On Friday 15th of December 2017 a great celebration of 30 years of European projects was organized by the Greek National Agency, the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) in the Athens Concert Hall.

The Minister of Education (photo 1) and the Executive Committee of the State Scholarship Foundation presented the progress of European projects in Greece from 1987, when they started, till today. In this day conference there were also many different presentations of European projects from all levels of education from preprimary schools till universities. Vassiliki Anagnostou (photo 2 together with a colleague from Central Greece, Katerina Karkali) participated as a representative of preprimary education – the start of education –  with the belief that preprimary schools need to be more active in European projects, as the cultural interaction, when working together with European partners, broadens the intellectual horizons of the teachers and their students, who are the future European citizens.

Chrystalla Petridou, the representative of the European Committee in this event, pointed out the meaning of European projects for the democracy and peace in Europe.

France – Ecole maternelle Saint Exupéry – Article on local magazine “La Chronique de Marly le Roi”

Our project has been disseminated on our local magazine : “La Chronique de Marly le Roi”.
The article explains the meaning and the goals of the partnership, the first meeting which was organized in Tallinn and what has been done so far on the french side, from Ecole Maternelle Saint Exupéry. It is very important that there is also a link to the project’s blog, for everybody who wants to learn more about the activities of our partnership.