Estonia-Arukula Kindergarten Rukkilill-Teacher’ s Day

On the 5th of October we celebrated the Teacher`s Day with concert in kindergarten and with an evening event  for teachers organized by local municipality. Our Erasmus+ team, Anu Meelimäe, Tuuli Jürgenson, Karin Kaja, received a praise for the good work with project “LEARNING OUTside the classroom IN the EUROPEan nature”

On the 6th of October all together 26 teachers and assistants working in Aruküla kindergarten got together for Erasmus+ seminar and hike. We took study path that  introduces Majakivi (Housestone), the third largest erratic boulder in Estonia (7 m in height, 32 m in perimeter), old accretion ridges, alternating bog types and forests of the Juminda peninsula. After that we held a  seminar introducing planned activities Erasmus+ project. 


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