6th graders take younger children under their wings

On 11th October 2017, our school organised a special adoption ceremony, the first action taking place as part of the programme “6th Graders Adopt 1st Graders”.

“6th Graders Adopt 1st Graders” is an annual programme for normal adjustment in the primary school. As a starting point, each 1st grader is adopted by a 6th grader, achieving this way the most efficient acquaintance with them and growing a safety feeling in the new school environment. Each 6th grader takes on the responsibility of protecting the younger child throughout, offering advice, helping out with problems, and making him or her feel protected and safe. In this way, 1st graders know that they have at least one more person to turn to for help besides their teachers.

Learning programs like this contribute to children’s personal and social development, to the improvement of their social behaviour and to building conscientious and responsible school and community members. Children learn to take initiatives, to solve problems, to offer help and enjoy the responsibility.

The ceremony

Our actions started with a warm welcome from the 6th graders in a heart-warming and joyful ceremony. The children exchanged symbolic gifts and crafts, sang beautiful songs and played exciting getting-to-know-you games.

All the students and teachers of the 5th Primary School of Evosmos wish our 1st graders a happy and exciting school year!

Last but not least, I would like to thank the teachers of 1st Grade, Ms Raspakou and Ms Dimitriou, the teachers of 6th Grade, Ms Sotiriadou and Mr Tsampazis, our Music teacher, Mr Despotis, and our P.E. teachers, Mr Tsiatras and Mr Karapedis, for organising this unforgettable event for our students.

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