Learning should be fun! That’s the credo of this blog!

For a starter, here is your first activity: a scrambled word game.

Start having fun while practicing your English!

The aim of this blog is to facilitate the learning of English for the students of the Hellenic Lyceum. The emphasis is on reference material and online practice.

The basic premise is that learning doesn’t have to be boring anymore and online study can be a smart way to learn while at the same time making the experience an enjoyable one.

At the moment the wealth of available, free web resources provides a great opportunity to learn, practice and refresh your English.

The various lessons and activities can either be done in the language lab at school or individually as self study, especially when the key to the exercises is provided.

This blog simply tries to sort out the best resources for the specific category of learners and help them locate the right material for their level.

So, if you are a Lyceum student, you can take your pick from the many resources compiled here:

  • you can take a specific lesson in grammar or vocabulary
  • or you can take a random lesson sorted by level
  • or you can go straight to the games!