T/F History Quiz Class A`

This is a history quiz:

1. Rameses II ruled Rome for sixty seven years.    T/F
2.  Hadrian was the famous gladiator who had a beard.   T/F
3. Egypt was arich country because of the Pyramids.   T/F
4. There were three official languages in the Roman Empire, Latin,         English and Greek. T/F
5. Mummification was an Egyptian technique.  T/F
6. The Egyptian pharaohs put up huge marble stones.  T/F
7. The Romans liked watching fights between gladiators and wild           animals.  T/F
8. Sparta was a Greek city-state where Socrates lived.  T/F
9. Socrates was a Greek philosopher  T/F
10. Miltiades was a Greek king who fought in Marathon.  T/F

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