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50 tasks for teaching with only a blank piece of paper

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I’ve always been “constructivist”, meaning that I believe especially with language, students “construct” knowledge and are active participants in the creation of what they know. They don’t just swallow and file away ideas but learn through their own filter, culture, personal world as they construct from their own foundation of “knowing”.

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My own basic approach for teaching English has developed into what I term, SCC or student created content. It is materials light and product focused. The materials are created by the students, from their own schema and then used as a way of practicing and building language forms. You can find out more about it through the coursebook I wrote –

Revision κύκλος Α-Β

Part of the constructivist approach is trying to look at things simply. It’s about doing  things simply so that the process doesn’t get in the way of the learning. I think that applies to all good teaching. When I sit in classes and watch other teachers, I usually look for this first – a simple approach where the students are the focus and language “discovery” is the end goal.

In this vein and continuing on from my last three list, here are 50 super tasks that only require a blank piece of paper. I’ve written about this previously and find those posts .

Yep. Just walk in with enough pieces of paper for the number of students in the class and you are set….. Instant lessons that will allow students maximum amount of time “constructing” their own knowledge and participating in their own self learning. A perfect student created content material – the blank piece of paper and possibility!


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