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eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage

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Η εικόνα συνοδεύει αναρτήσεις της ΕΕ σχετικά με το 2018 Έυρωπαϊκό Έτος Πολιτιστικής Κληρονομιά



  Did you know that nine out of ten Europeans think cultural heritage should be taught in schools? During 2018, Europe celebrates its cultural heritage by raising awareness and encouraging debate and dialogue. eTwinning is glad to reward teachers involved in projects on Europe’s cultural heritage.

The European Commission will sponsor the eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage for projects dealing specifically with this topic. Winning teachers will be awarded at a special celebration for Cultural Heritage taking place during the Austrian EU Presidency, in December 2

How to approach cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage can be understood as resources inherited from the past in all forms and aspects, including: tangible: buildings, monuments, books, archaeological sites and many more, and intangible: practices, languages, oral tradition, digital art, animation, video and records.

To support the topic eTwinning teachers should focus on the promotion and the sharing of Europe’s cultural heritage. Their projects could:

  • raise awareness of the common history and values;
  • reinforce a sense of belonging to Europe;
  • demonstrate ways of better safeguarding, enhancing, but also reusing and promoting Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource.

How to get awarded

The ultimate purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of Europe’s cultural heritage by using intercultural and collaborative educational practices. The award is aimed at projects which gained National Quality Labels. More about the process:

  • Users wanting to be considered for the eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage are encouraged to apply for the National Quality Label by 30 June 2018.
  • Only projects running between 1.06.2017 and 30.06.2018 are eligible for the eTwinning Award for Cultural Heritage.
  • Users can apply in one of the following age categories:
    • 6-12
    • 13-19
  • In September an international jury will identify the two best projects
  • On 11-12 December the founders of the two winning projects will be invited to participate in the special celebration in Austria and receive a trophy as a reward for their work.

To help you with some ideas, we selected a couple of examples: A world of “famous” difference and “Eurocomics” – explore Europe through comics.

For more information you can address your National Support Service.

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