Board recycling games

The pupils played board games that have to do with recycling.They learnt to distinguish the rubbish and to throw them in the correct bin.Also, they were informed through brochures what our town has done so far with the recycled rubbish and what actions have been taken to save our environment.Use environmentally friendly products is our motto!

Dissemination of Eco-us support!

In order to disseminate our project, we had arranged an appointment with the 3rd grade of another school and in particular, 4th Primary School of Karditsa, at the local library of Saint Nikolaos.The man in charge of the library, Mr Kouroglou, narrated to the pupils the well-known fairytale «Skoupidistan»;the English translation is «Rubbishland».Also, we were shown a powerpoint presentation that has to do with true facts about recycling, what kinds of rubbish can be recycled and what actions and measures has Karditsa taken about recycling.Then, we went to the nearby park and the pupils, divided in two teams,collected recycled and non-recycled litter.