About our erasmus project

The fundamental purpose of the proposal is the defense, improvement and promotion of mental, physical health and social well-being of the students, by cultivating healthy eating habits, developing basic motor skills and fitness of infants and the development of social skills and critical thinking. Additionally, we seek to denature in act the ancient Greek’s words therapist and philosopher Hippocrates, «Prevention is better then Cure», «Your Food is your Medicine and your Medicine is your Food». The project «Prevention is better than Cure», addressed to early years education students, is on healthy eating, exercise and well-being. Its innovation is based on the philosophy of the ancient Greek therapist Hippocrates, who acknowedged the significance of exercise – in combination with diet and other factors- for the preservation of good physical condition. In a world constantly changing causing negative effects on health, the meaning of the Hippocratic sayings is a priority.
Main purpose of this project is the improvement and promotion of mental, physical health and the social well-being of the students by participating in activities so as to understand the importance of Health and the value of healthy eating through the investigation of the Hippocratic theory. Secondary objectives are the students’ learning about herbs and to realize that Nature is the best «pharmacy»; also to understand the benefits of exercise as a means of prevention in combination with diet, the interaction with European people and the development of social skills; finally to obtain environmental consciousness and inspire students to become active European citizens.