New English Word Student Challenge!!!


On the occasion of celebrating the European Languages Day 2021 (26th September), the students of the three classes of Model Senior-High School of Patras in Greece were involved by their English Teacher, Ms Maria Marisa Christopoulou in a language challenge:

They “invented” their own new English words,

hoping that one day, some of them at least, if not all,

will be a part of our everyday vocabulary  and officially be included in the English Dictionnary!!!


Here is the list of their “neologisms”:

S.No New Word Speech Part Definition (Example)
1 A.I.D. noun Artificial Intelligence Developer
2 Abnormous adjective Abnormal+enormous
3 Addractive adjective addictive + attractive. It is used to describe a person.
4 Adultent noun An adult student
5 Avibe noun A situation that does not meet your expectations, does not match your vibes.
6 Bae noun “Before anyone else,” babe, or baby is used to describe a romantic partner or good friend
7 Baskey adjective Someone who likes playing both basketball and volleyball.

eg. He is a baskey boy.

8 Bestship noun Best friends + friendship. The friendship between best friends.
9 Bigfel noun Big + fellow
10 Blamor noun The person who has black humour.
11 Blart noun Black+art. A word that refers to dark genres of art.

E.g. I like his taste in music, he’s really into blart.

12 Blucold adjective The person whose skin turns blue whenever he’s cold.
13 Bookcape verb Book  + escape. Spending a long period of time reading, resulting in feeling like escaping reality.

eg. After a long day at work, all she wanted to do was chill and boockape in her room.

14 Boredfree adjective Bored + free. The one who is free to be bored.
15 Bresson noun Lesson + break. Lesson time during which students are allowed to talk and eat as if it is still a break
16 Brixer noun Broken mixer

E.g. Oh, no, my mixer broke, now it’s a brixer!

17 Brocoship noun Brocolli+friendship. A friendship that feels as healthy as a broccoli.
18 Brokay adjective Broken+okay. The person who feels broken but can handle it
19 Buddgirl noun Buddy + girl. Someone’s girl buddy
20 Buddhabud noun The friend who is always calm/chill.

E.g. Orestis is so calm that it drives me crazy, he is such a Buddhabud.

21 Buzztalk noun The person who talks about something famous
22 Catored verb Getting hit by a cat or getting mentored by a cat
23 Chaf noun When you fail to hit the ball while playing any kind of sport.
24 Chiller noun Chill+Dealer. A cool dealer.
25 Chillstar noun Chill+star. Someone who is very good at many fields (e.g. arts, science, sports) without trying.

E.g. – I studied maths with Bob and I was graded with 13 while Bob got 19.

– Not funny at all! Bob is the best student in every subject and doesn’t even put quite effort. He’s a chillstar!

26 Cibapomerananes noun Dried bananas.

E.g. Every day I eat cibapomerananes.

27 Cice noun City centre.
28 Cleanless adjective Something that is not clean.
29 Coffeict noun cofee+addict. Someone who is addicted to drinking coffee.

E.g. Mark is such a coffeict! He drinks at least six cups a day!

30 Colacorn noun Coca cola + pop corn. Snack for the cinema which contains a pack of popcorn and a coca cola.

E.g. Helen is standing in the line in order to get a colacorn for the movie.

31 Coolsitive adjective cool + insensitive. Someone who looks insensitive, but actually is cool.
32 Corostudying noun Studying for exams while ill with corona virus.
33 Craughing verb Crying + laughing. Crying out of happiness
34 Crute adjective Cry+cute.. Something or someone that is so cute it makes you cry your heart out.
35 Dada noun A combination of daddy and mama used by kids for their non-binary  parents, mostly for bi-gender ones.
36 Derona noun The overcoming of the corona virus in a short period of time.
37 Discording noun Speaking, watching movies or playing games among friends through Discord (a group-chatting app).
38 Dispassitive adjective dispassionate + sensitive. Someone who is sensitive but sometimes looks dispassionate.
39 Eadis noun Eating disorder
40 Empainty adjective Pain + empty. The person who is broken and feels empty and pain.
41 Envylation / envylated noun / adjective Envy+elation.

A feeling of joy that is caused by witnessing the suffering of a person you dislike / Someone who feels joy due to the suffering of a person they dislike

E.g. Although I know it’s perverse, I can’t help but feel envylated seeing (name) get suspended. He is always so mean to everyone.

42 Erpos noun Ear pods
43 e-toobru noun Electronic toothbrush
44 Excnervous adjective Excited+nervous.

E.g. the feeling before acting in a play.

45 Ez noun Easy in short
46 Faicon noun Short form of fashion icon.

Example: She is the absolute faicon.

47 Famfunding verb Family funding. Raising money for a project by getting a number of family members to start their new company
48 Famimeal noun Family+meal. A meal that one has with their family.

E.g. Our last famimeal went so poorly! My two uncles started arguing about politics and after that everything went downhill.

49 Fastang noun Fast+Mustang. A car brand.
50 Feeling austrious verb Feeling down (australis =southern in latin).

ex. After the test results came out, I was feeling austrious.

51 Fink verb Food + think. To always have food on your mind.
52 Forkeel noun Forked shoe with heel.
53 Freezdom noun The freedom of telling cold anecdotes everywhere in the world.
54 Fricken noun Fried chicken
55 Fumore adverb Furthermore
56 Gamdict noun Gambling+ addict. The person who is addicted to gambling.
57 GG noun Short for good game
58 GGWP noun Good game well played
59 Ghostmazing adjective Something amazing and fantastic like a ghost.
60 Gi gi noun / interjection Okay, fine, good
61 Ginious adjective The person who is addicted to gin.
62 Glassing verb Wearing glasses

E.g. He was glassing while reading the newspaper.

63 Good après-midi interjection Good afternoon (a combination of the English and French language)
64 Goodjour exclamation Good (English)+jour (day in French)
65 Greeksession noun Obsession with Greece.
66 Guinnocent adjective A person who isn’t directly involved in a crime but has helped the criminal get away.
67 Guitamp noun A type of semi-acoustic guitar with a built-in amplifier.
68 Hairlicopter noun The dance move in which you swing your ponytail as if it is a helicopter’s propeller.
69 Hanboy noun Handsome+boy
70 Heartstal adjective Crystal + heart. The person who is very sensitive.
71 Holicidious adjective A person whose favourite time of the year is holidays (Christmas, Easter, summer, etc.).
72 Homoomophobic noun The man or woman who fears the homophobics and hates them.
73 Intestory noun Interesting+ story. An interesting story to read.
74 Jesusing verb (ironic) When someone demands from others to treat him as if he’s special.

E.g. Stop Jesusing around!

75 Jumpforecaster noun Jump force + master. Someone who is a jump force master.
76 Leisurature noun Leisure + literature. The act of reading literature in one’s spare time.
77 Listudying verb Listening to music + stydying. Studying while listening to music.
78 loc verb Lol (laugh out loud) + crying. To cry out of laughter.
79 Loling verb Playing League of Legents.
80 Lolistas adjective A player of the video game League of Legends.
81 Loosten verb Listen+look.

E.g. You need to loosten carefully.

82 Lorunner noun Love + runner. The person who loves to run.
83 Lother verb Love+ others. We must love each other.
84 Lovisaur noun Somebody who loves dinosaurs.

E.g. He’s the biggest fan of dinosaurs I know; he’s a true lovisaur.

85 Marvelakias noun The person that is obsessed with the Marvel movies and can’t stop talking about them.
86 Mask matching verb When you match your mask, color or pattern, with your outfit.
87 Mebsession noun Obsession with myself. Self-centered, arrogant thinking and behaviour. Lack of empathy and consideration for other people.
88 Mediatraveler noun The person who spends their whole vacation taking pictures to post on social media to show off.
89 Melanchory noun A state of intense melancholy that is unpredictably difficult to deal with.
90 Metafeelbolism noun Metabolism + feel. The person whose feelings change from second to second.
91 Miscas noun Miser+casus (Latin) = miserable random incident
92 mt abbreviation Short form of empty.
93 Nadirstate noun A state, in which someone feels like being at their lowest point of life. This phenomenon can be recurring.
94 Nervited adjective Blend of “nervous” and “excited”. The feeling of being nervous but excited about something (event, meeting etc.) at the same time. ex. I am so nervited to perform my duet on stage.
95 Norry-beppy verb Don’t worry, be happy.
96 Nuclistrophe noun Nuclear+catastrophy.

The destruction of nature and cities by nuclear weapons or a nuclear eruption.

97 Nuevalk noun Nueva (Spanish for new – feminine) + Talk (synonym for word).

The act of creating new words.

98 Open down (to someone) verb To hide information about you when you talk to someone.
99 P.F.G. noun Professional fat guy; someone who eats all the time and never gains weight.
100 Peart noun Personality+heart

e.g. He is such a nice person, I love his heart.

101 Phexting verb Communicating via messages by using photos. E.g. George can finally do phexting by using his new camera-equipped smartphone!
102 Pipod noun The plastic tripod in the pizza box that separates the pieces.
103 Pog adverb We can use this word when we are happy. Synonymous with lol.
104 Pro-grammer noun A person who is programming for a long period of time and competing in programming competitions.
105 Proverthinker noun Someone who is a pro in overthinking.
106 Raingazing noun The observation of the rain.

e.g. During autumn, raingazing is relaxing and a way to relieve stress.

107 Rast verb Run + fast

e.g. it is about to rain! Rast!

108 Recessification noun The conscious act of attempting or succeeding in shortening the duration of the lesson or gathering in order to go on a break or in order to do some other task.

E.g. The recessification of the first lessons of the year happens because of the coercive behaviour of some students.

The recessification of Thursday’s meeting happened because of the impending Christmas holidays.

109 Relastinate verb


Blend of “relax” and “procrastinate”. Relaxing even though there is work to get done.

ex. Even though I should be finishing my project right now, I’m going to relastinate until my mental health gets better.

110 Rudicious adjective A person who is rude and vicious.
111 S.A.E.T. noun Super amazing extraordinary things.
112 Sad-pie adjective When someone is sad but looks cute at the same time.

E.g. I can’t help it with this baby. He’s such a sad-pie.

113 Salone adjective Someone who is alone and sad.
114 Savannet verb Save the planet + savanna

We must save the planet and the wild animals that live in the savannas.

115 Shact noun Sharp+object
116 Shineful noun Shine + Wonderful
117 Siller noun Serial killer, the person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behaviour pattern.
118 Sincing verb Singing + dancing. Singing and dancing at the same time.
119 Skafun noun Skate+fun

E.g: Every Saturday I have skafun with my friends.

120 Smileet adjective Sweet + smile. The person who has a sweet smile.
121 Snowater noun Snow and water

e.g. Snowater is usually observed during winter.

122 Spamfkareis verb When someone is connected through their electronic device but does not communicate/participate and is not even in the same room with their device.
123 Speak down verb To lower your voice.
124 Speeplover noun A person who loves to sleep.
125 Strawver adjective A person who loves strawberries.
126 Studyholic noun The person who is addicted to studying/homework
127 Stylesfan noun Harry Styles + fan: a man who likes to paint his nails or chooses a non-conventional style (Harry Styles is known for not hesitating to paint his nails, trying to break down stereotypes regarding men’s appearance and how they are treated in society when they choose a “deviant” style).

E.g. Look at this stylesfan right there! He has painted his nails red and wears a skirt!

128 Technex noun Technology + expert. The person who is an expert on technology.
129 Teenguage noun Teen + language. The language that teens use.
130 Teenxiety noun A teen with anxiety mostly caused from school.
131 Terroriosity noun Terror+curiosity. A mix of fear and curiosity.

E.g. I was filled with terroriosity while exploring that old abandonned hotel.

132 Thungry adjective The person who is both thirsty and hungry.

Example: I’m so thungry.

133 Tickie noun Movie + ticket. The ticket we need to enter the cinema.

E.g. Hello, sir, I want a tickie to go to the cinema and see the new movie.

134 Tipotta noun Nothing
135 Totomorrow adverb The day after tomorrow.
136 Trananosavros noun A species of a big, transformed dinosaur.
137 TRFL noun Track and field leader: when someone is  a winner in the sport and the winner of the track and field of life in general.
138 Turtle-head noun A very tough head.
139 Unforgitable adjective Unforgettable + unforgivable. Something that is not to be forgiven or forgotten.

E.g. The fact that he lied to me so many times is just unforgitable. I don’t think I’ll ever talk to him again.

140 Vaccation noun Holiday offered due to vaccination against corona virus desease.

E.g.: Since we are all innoculated, this summer we can plan our vaccation on an island.

141 Vames noun Short form of video games.

Example: I’m going to play some vames.

142 Vanxination noun The fear of treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease.
143 Vanxious adjective Very + anxious. The extreme feeling of uneasiness, concern and nervousness about something whose outcome is unknown.

Eg. She has been vanxious all day for tommorow’s exam.

144 Vollis noun Volleyball played on a tennis net, always by 2 people in each team.
145 Weirdesting adjective Something that is both weird and interesting

Example: That book was so weirdesting.

146 Zenithstate noun A state, in which one feels they go through a successful or happy time.
147 Zyzziction noun The addiction to the zyzz movement. Being a strong man going to the gym and exercising a lot to look awesome. Inspired by Aziz Shavershian, a Russian bodybuilder.