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PERSONAL INFORMATION Dimitrios Tsiastoudis
55132 Thessaloniki (Greece)


PERSONAL STATEMENT Teacher of Science in Special Education High School For the Deaf and HoH Thessaloniki ,reasearcher in distance learning and teacher education.




06/2012–Present Science Teacher on High School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Greek Ministry of Education, Thessaloniki (Greece)


10/2011–06/2012 Science Teacher in Special Education Junior High School of Thessaloniki
Greek Ministry of Education, Thessaloniki (Greece)


08/2010–09/2011 High School Science Teacher
Greek Ministry of Education, Nea Moudania (Greece)
Recruitment of Permanent Employee


09/2006–06/2010 Student Integration Classes and Special Education
Greek Ministry of Education (Greece)
Annual workplace placement due to educational needs; Kilkis ,Thessaloniki,Heraklio ,Lamia (Greece)


09/2003–06/2006 Additional teaching support for high school students P/T
Greek Ministry of Education, Thessaloniki (Greece)


04/2003–12/2007 Retail manager in Telecommunication Store
▪    Overall care of staff and their well being

▪    Recruiting, management, and workplace scheduling

▪    Product management.

▪    Team Development, staff learning training, and development

▪    Problem solving, handling unusual circumstances

▪    To understand the customer service principles

▪    To handle problems and questions to customers

▪    Computer applications in stores management and materials control




10/2009–10/2014 Master in Teaching Natural Sciences MSc EQF level 7
Hellenic Open Univercity, Patras (Greece)
-Physics ,Biology ,Chemistry ,Didactic of Science


11/2007–11/2008 Certificate of Specialization – «Special Educational Staff and Production of Educational Material for Mild Mental Delay»
University of athens, Athens (Greece)
-Special Education

-Production of Special Educational material using ICT.


09/2005–05/2006 Certificate on Specialization «Special Education:Current progress and educational action»
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (Greece)
-Special education,bilingual teaching,psychology,mental disorder,human intelligence.


09/1992–11/1999 Bachelor Degree in Physics EQF level 6
Department of Physics of the University of Patras, Patras (Greece)
-Physics ,Mathematics ,Chemistry ,Didactic of Science ,Engineering ,Economics ,Astronomy.


04/2004–06/2004 Certificate in Braille System
Protection Foundation for the Blind of Northern Greece -HELIOS-School for the Blind, Thessaloniki (Greece)


25/09/2017–22/11/2017 Certificate of completion «Opening Schools to STEM Careers»
European Schoolnet Academy, Brussels (Belgium)
STEM careers in schools and in the job market

STEM career pathways

STEM leading schools

Gender stereotypes in STEM education

Balancing the roles of teachers, mentors, parents and role models

Benefits of external school to work programs

Career orientation events on STEM education



13/11/2017–13/12/2017 Certificate of completion «Progressing Technology-Enhanced Teaching – MENTEP»
European Schoolnet Academy, Brussels (Belgium)
Identifying competency examples for the TET-SAT tool

Developing self-assessment in TET-SAT

Peer review to develop TET-SAT


01/2007–06/2008 Certificate in «Training on Learning Disabilities»
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Education, Thessaloniki (Greece)


02/03/2007–12/05/2007 Modern teaching approaches to the development of Critical Creative Thinking
Teacher Training Organization of Greek Ministry Of Education, Athens (Greece)


04/04/2008–06/04/2008 Certificate of Training in «Inclusion of disabled Students»
Psychology Department, Panteion University, Athens (Greece)


10/10/2003–12/10/2003 Certificate of «Training in Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing»
Deaf Special Education Unit, School of Humanities University of Patras, Patras (Greece)


11/12/2014–12/12/2014 Certificate of Training in «Intervention and Support of Children with Cochlear Implant in Secondary Education: Theory and Practice:
Center for Cochlear Implants of the University Clinic of AHEPA, Thessaloniki (Greece)


10/12/2009–11/12/2009 Certificate of Training in «Sustainability Education in Special Education»
Stylida Environmental Education Center, Stylida (Greece)


04/12/2009–06/12/2009 Seminar on «Methodological and Conceptual Approaches to Environmental Education»
Center for environmental education in Kissavos, Mavrovounio, Agia (Greece)




Mother tongue(s) Greek
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English C1 C1 B2 B2 B2
First Certificate in English (FCE) B2
Greek Sign Language C2 C2 C2
Certification of Greek Sign Language
Related document(s): GSL.jpg
Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user – B1 and B2: Independent user – C1 and C2: Proficient user



Communication skills -good communication skills gained as a sales manager in my one store

-good contact skills with students and parents gained as a teacher of students with a wide variety of needs.


Organisational / managerial skills -leadership (currently responsible for a team of 20 Teachers)

-good organizational skills gained through my work on my store

-good team leading skills gained as a volunteer in Greek Rescue Team


Digital skills SELF-ASSESSMENT
Information processing Communication Content creation Safety Problem solving
Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user
Certificate in Skills and Knowledge’s in I.C.T.
Certificate in Use and application of I.C.T. in the teaching process



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