Our Prezi presentation!

Our first Prezi presentation!

Pupils of the 6th Grade of our school, wrote short reports presenting themselves and their country. They wrote about the weather, the people and their living place. You can have a look at  our prezi presentation in the following link:

our prezi presentation



Whoever you are!

Whoever you are!


Living in a multicultular society gives rise to questions that focus on positions and attitudes towards the «Other» , identity and alterity. Issues like the right to respect the cultural identity, the limits of tolerance toward others, the relationship between multiculturalism and domination are of great interest. Various forms of alterity and difference are involved in the process of identity formation. School children are at the age of forming their identity. Reading multicultural works affords a great opportunity to engage ourselves in a discussion concerning the «Other» as a reflection of the self and to consider the world with a view to creating greater toleranca and humanity. Contemplating on these issues we read » Whoever you are» by Mem Fox and discussed about similarities and differences among people of different cultures, promoting acceptance, tolerance and equality issues. Many people may be different than us, live in different places, speak different languages, go to different schools, but despite these differences everyone’s heart is the same and we are part of the same world.Smiles are the same, laughter is the same, pain and tears the same. We used colourful sticky notes to express our thoughts and feelings!

Whoever you are sticky notes 1