In this letter you are going to act as a personal tourist guide. It is very important to show your partner things that you really like yourself and things that show them what your country is really like.
Write down a three-day-tour around the country, showing your partner the most important things. The first day is in your own neighbourhood, and all things must be reached on foot.The second day is in the city or the area in which you live, and all things must be reached by public transport. For the third day, you can rent a coach and show him/her around the country.
Build your letter
Give as many details as possible and explain why you visit certain places. For each day, you must think of three different things. You can write down where and what you will eat too. You can send your partner by email, as an attachment, one picture, one drawing or a small video which illustrates the information you sent your friend.


amusement arcade shopping centre
museum sights
paintings sports fields
playground theme park
safety tulips

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