Travelling Teddy «Rocky and his friend «Rocky Junior»

Ιούν 202011

The Loretto Grammar High School’s blog has a new challenge. The students have posted clues and photos of a
travelling Teddy bear. His name is Rocky. He is in quarantine now but his friend, Rocky Junior, is visiting a school. Look carefully at the photo clue, then read the 3 sentence clues, then guess and write your answer in the link below.

1. This is a lesson that helps you in lots of other classes too – like science.
2. There are lots of numbers and sometimes letters involved.
3. You don’t write many words.

Which lesson do you think Rocky Junior is in today?
Answer here

Click here to see the Loretto Grammar High School blog

This connection between schools was made by partner teachers working on the e Twinning project: Countdown to the Tokyo Olympics 2020

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