Christmas Celebrations around Europe!

Μαρ 201818

Once again we e-Twinned for a Christmas project to celebrate our Christmas traditions! We continued the project we started in the year 2016-2017! We made Christmas crafts which we shared with our partners in the project and commented on each other’s crafts! We created a Google document where we gathered all our images and comments! We also wrote a collaborative Christmas poem which we illustrated! You can see a video of our e-Twinning corner at school where we have pinned up Christmas cards received from partner schools and our National Quality Labels which we achieved for a previous project «On a single berry of grapes»

Decorated Christmas boats decorate the Aegean and our homes!

Read our lovely Christmas poem which we all created together. Just click on the links below.

Made in … Christmas – Part one

Made in … Christmas – Part two

Our Christmas poem – The Christmas spirit

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