>set aside =save a part of something in order to use it later


  • If we want to go on holiday, we should set aside some money.
  • Good parents always set aside some time every day to play with their children.
  • I set aside some money every month.
  • We have set aside some money for a new car.
  • We have set aside a room for our guests. You can visit us any time you like.
  • Set aside some pizza for Tommy.
  • I ‘ll be late. Please, set aside some birthday cake for me.
  • I ‘ll be very busy this weekend but I ‘ll set some time aside for you.
hang out (with somebody) = often spend time with somebody or at a place

  • Why are you hanging out with such bad people?
  • My mum doesn’t really like the people I hang out with.
  • If you want to find us, we usually hang out at the new sports club.
  • Teenagers like to hang out with people of their own age.
  • I know all the places my older brother hangs out and all the people he hangs out with.
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