hold onto = hold on to = keep


  • Many people lost their property in the war but his family held on to their land and held on to most of their property.
  • When you get inside a casino, it is difficult to hold onto your money!
  • Many immigrants in foreign countries hold onto the customs of their country.
  • Most people believed that he would die but his wife held on to a hope.
  • Hold on to these papers. You might need them in the future again.
  • He gave away all his toys but held on to some pieces he loved.
  • We sold most of our stuff but we held on to our late mother’s things. 
  • Hold on to this man! He is the best guy you have ever met! 
  • You should hold on to a copy of the contract.
  • Hold on to my books. Just don ‘t throw them away.
  • Hold on to this apartment, never sell it. It ‘s beautiful.
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