come on! =  do it! (we encourage somebody to do something)


  • Come on! Call him! I know he will be very happy if you do.
  • Come on! Help him! He is your brother.
  • Come on! Stop crying! It wasn ‘t that terrible!
  • Come on! Hurry up!
  • Come on! Tell us the truth!
  • You can do it now! Come on!
  • Quickly! Come on! The train is about to leave.

look back (on something) = remember, bring to mind an event of the past

  • When I look back on those days, I can ‘t help laughing! We had so much fun!
  • Don ‘t look back on the past. It will only make you sad. 
  • Looking back, I realise I was wrong.
  • Looking back now I cannot believe I made such big mistakes.
  • Looking back on it now, maybe I was wrong after all.
  • I look back on my childhood with joy.
  • When I look back, I ‘m surprised myself. How could I do such a thing? 
  • I look back on those years with nostalgia.
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